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Search for python packages and their latest version on pypi

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Hello everyone

This is my first attempt to create an Alfred workflow.



Search for Python packages in pypi and get the latest version number of a package.


Github repository




Download the workflow here.


Fetch the list of packages

Since pypi doesn't provide an API to search for packages and it recommends using https://pypi.org/simple/ instead, this workflow fetches the list of Python packages when it's used for the first time (~22MB will be downloaded). This list gets stored as a JSON file in the workflow's directory and will be used to search for packages. To update this list you can use pypi-fetch keyword.

Search for packages

Use pypi <package-name> keyword (as shown in the demo above).

The first three results will have an up-to-date latest version and summary (fetched from pypi in real time). Other items in the list will only have the name (fetched from the local JSON file to prevent rate limit on pypi).

Copy the latest version to the clipboard

Hitting enter will copy the latest version number of the package to the clipboard (0.101.0 in the demo above).

Open the package page on pypi

Holding Option while hitting Enter will open the package's page on pypi in the default browser.

View a list of the latest versions of a package

Use pypi <package-name>/ to view a list of the latest versions of a package:


Hitting enter in this list will copy the version number to the clipboard.

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