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Plain Hyperlink Copy

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This is a hotkey-driven workflow that creates a link from the title and URL of the current page while browsing in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. It can be pasted into a notes document or other rich text editor with the current text style. It's generally useful for quickly capturing links to useful web pages while doing research or creating documentation.


On Github: bananajr/alfred-plain-link-copy

On Packal: Plain Link Copy | Packal


Here's a neat article on automated recycling I found:



I'm interested in AI and robotics for circular economy applications, so I hit my assigned hotkey and the hyperlink was copied to my clipboard. I then pasted it into my notes (in Evernote, but most other notes apps, doc editors, etc. work too):



The text style in my note is preserved. This is much faster than manually creating hyperlinked text in most apps.


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