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Create Jekyll posts with Front matter

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This is my first workflow. I'm still learning and it's pretty simple, nonetheless I wanted to share it and get some feedback :)


Jekyll and other static website generators use markdown with some special yml-like text at the beginning, the "Frontmatter". This can be tedious to create, especially if you manage a few websites / blogs. This workflow allows you to create a new post with the current date, setting a title and a category and have it saved and ready to edit with your favourite markdown editor. I use it on Your Financial Fallacies, a blog of mine.



See full README on Github






Then select the post's category.



- Set the correct destination path in the Workflow configuration details

- Edit the `vpost` step to add your own categories.
- Edit the `Open file` step to set a default markdown editor.

- Change icons in the `post` and `vpost` steps to identify your blog.

Support multiple blogs

Simply duplicate the workflow in Alfred. Make only sure to set a new icon to the `post` and `vpost` steps, so that you can easily identify which blog you're posting to.




I'd love to have your opinion on how to improve this, thank you!

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Fix typos and clarify configuration
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