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Get the state of Alfred's bar active/inactive

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Hi guys,


I have this issue where I use karabiner to remap some keys upon the condition of which is the current frontmost application. Now, the exact scenario is that I want to disable a very annoying "spacebar" shortcut in TradingView that changes assets on the chart. I have some workflows that I use while the TradingView is frontmost, but when Alfred's bar is active, it doesn't show as frontmost application so in turn I cannot use the spacebar in Alfred's window. Is there some way I can programmatically know if Alfred is active or not or even better, run some code when Alfred activates, deactives? That would solve my issue as then I'll use karabiner variables to filter out this spacebar filtering config.


If you have some other ideas how I could solve that issue, maybe some config that will actually show Alfred as frontmost application, then I'm all ears!


My Alfred version is 5 and I'm using Ventura 13.6.


Thanks for any help.

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