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Configuration Builder / Environment Variables UX improvements


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In 'Prepare workflow configuration and variables', it would be cool if it was able to enumerate all of the custom variables (both 'Environment Variables' and those defined in the 'Configuration Builder') that I have used within my workflow, and display them in some kind of 'preview' / 'quick add' section.


Basically, I have set up some generic'ish workflow 'chunks' that I copy into some of my workflows, and they use vars in their triggers/etc. But when I copy them to a new/different workflow, I need to manually go through and set up the all of the vars in the config builder again. Which means I need to manually go through each 'element' in the workflow, check if I used a variable in it and what it was, then go back to the config editor to add it.


I'm not sure of the best way to expose this in the existing UI, but as one idea, perhaps when typing in the 'Variable' part of the 'Configuration Builder' it could autosuggest/autocomplete from the variables I have already used in the workflow. And/or maybe there could be a little button/dropdown/similar that lets me choose to 'prefill' the name from an existing variable.




A similar sort of feature would also be useful on the 'consuming' variables side of things, where perhaps starting to type `{var:` could then show an 'autocomplete' list of suggestions of existing vars defined in the workflow (though for this part, it probably makes sense to only show vars defined in the config/etc, not just ones that have been used elsewhere in the workflow but not 'officially defined'

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