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Help with Phone Pass to URL Scheme

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Hello Everybody,


I have already used Alfred to dial Contacts with a snom IP Phone via URL.


Now I have changed the phone to a Yealink, which has a different behavior. I can dial with the following URL: https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@PHONE-IP/servlet?number=PHONENUMBER&outgoing_uri=0


For Alfred I use it like this: https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@PHONE-IP/servlet?number={query}&outgoing_uri=0


The problem is that the Yealink can replace +49 into zero, ignore Symbols, etc. But what won't work is to ignore spaces between the numbers. (the snom seems to handle this)


What I can do in Alfred is to make a Workflow with a Keyword. Then use "Open URL". Here I can "Encode space as -". I can dial with my Keyword and enter a copied Phonenumber in this format: +49 123 4567890. Thats fine. The spaces are filled with -, which can be handeled by the Phone.


With Features-Contacts-Phone/Pass to URL Scheme it works not, because Alfred puts the spaces or %20 into the URL. The Yealink Phone can't handle this. So I am not able to call direct from Contacts via Alfred, which was no problem with the snom (I don't wan't to switch back to snom for other reasons)


So my questions is, if there is any workaround I can do to ignore the spaces in the Phonenumber, or could it be possible to implement the "Encode space as" Feature to the "Pass to URL Scheme" Feature too?


Hope for any Ideas.


Thank you and regards.


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