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Dieroller - Alfred workflow for Tabletop Gaming

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Hi all, I made an Alfred workflow for rolling dice, and some basic operations on the roll.


Some commands:


roll 20 - roll 1 20 sided die

roll 3d20 - roll 3 20 sided die

roll 3d6 sum - sum the result of rolling 3 6-sided die

roll 4d6 top3 - Get the top 3 dice after rolling 3 6-sided dice

roll 10d6 >4 - Roll 10 6-sided dice, get the number of dice > 4

roll 3d20 +5/+2 - roll 3 20-sided dice, add 5 to the first, 2 to the second, and 0 to the third


Initial Release: 



Any feedback or suggestions is appreciated. 

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