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Mute Discord

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Mute Discord

Download here


Mute Discord with a global hotkey without giving the app ‘Input Monitoring’ permission.


Download the workflow from the release page, double click the file to install it in Alfred. Choose your favourite hotkey or keyword by editing the ‘Hotkey’ or ‘Keyword’ object. And the workflows is ready to use.


Note: The Discord macOS app has a default mute hotkey of ⌘⇧M. You don’t need this workflow to achieve this.


But in order to use it globally you have to give the Discord app input monitoring permissions in System Settings. It even requires that permission (but does not prompt for it!) to record your custom hotkey. And worse, the default hotkeys become global ones once the permission is granted and those cannot be disabled. I don't feel comfortable giving the app that permission just to use the global hotkey. So I created this workflow.

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