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I'm trying to create a work flow that will select an item at random from a list, and then display that through a notification.


For example:


Keyword: Colour

Script: Select from Red/Green/Blue

Notification: Your colour is <randomly selected>


Also, if possible, multiple selections, with the notification remaining there. Once the second notifications appear in some of my tests, it immediately superseeds the last one (This may be a Notification issue rather than Alfred)


I suppose a better question is, because I think I know how to randomly select a variable in AppleScript is how to transfer that to a Notification (may not be possible?)


Hope that makes sense, would be grateful for any and all help!

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Not sure if this is necessarily the easiest way to do things, but try this Applescript based workflow as a starter for 10.


Random Stuff Workflow


Download: http://ge.tt/3AWaDrV/v/0?c


Keyword: rcolour

Result: picks a random colour from an example list and displays it as a notification.


Keyword: rstuff [comma separated list]

Example usage: rstuff Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday

Result: picks a random item from a comma separated list and displays it as a notification.


Hope that helps.

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