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I am an avid ControlPlane user. I decided with my new found love for Alfred to combine the two.


ControlPlane is an app for changing various settings on your Mac based upon various evidence sources. It is a continuation of what began with the Marcopolo app.


If interested find out more here. http://www.controlplaneapp.com




Download -- Link withdrawn please see last post for explanation.

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I have decided to pull the link and cease work as some of the changes in ControlPlane 1.4 betas and 1.5 release now adversely affect the way the original work flow interacted. 

Specifically the change for allowing multiple contexts to run simultaneously causes the workflow to always return an unknown context even if only one context  is valid.


Very short life of this, but as with everything it has come to an end. Maybe I will pick this back up at a later time.

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