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Question about Layouts Workflow

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I am very new to Workflows so forgive me if my terminology is off.

I installed the layouts workflow - no problem.

It says it is ready out of the box, but no matter how I approach it, it is not activating.

I put in layouts space and the keywords - nothing happens.

What does an argument mean? Sorry if these questions are so elementary. I did not find the support pages on the Alfred site to be of help when explaining workflows or arguments.

Please help in any way you can.

thank you,


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It should be ready out of the box, but it would be better to ask this question in the announcement for that Workflow itself so that the author can see it and help you out. (Here's the thread: Layouts


Just as a guess to your question: to use a workflow you need to use either a hotkey or a keyword. The keywords are set within the workflows (so, for the layout one: open Alfred and type "lay full" then, after you press enter try it again with "lay left". All the hotkeys are stripped when you initially install the workflow, so if you want to use them, you'll have to set the hotkeys yourself. If that doesn't answer your question, just head over to the thread above and post there.


All of these are written by users just like yourself, not the kind folks who wrote Alfred, so Andrew (the genius behind Alfred) won't be able to help you troubleshoot individual workflows, but the authors can, and the author of the layouts one is a super nice guy who is also really helpful, so just ask the question there.


You'll find that most of the documentation on creating Workflows and about how they work are contained in these forums. I'm working on a way of centralizing everything so that we can keep all the great knowledge and work that everyone has done so far.

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Ignore response above. I followed that three and it is a different layout workflow - but the page says that it does not work with mavericks. will you take a look at this one : http://projects.jga.me/layouts/ i put the keyword in the alfred window . So it is imported and installed correctly , when I hit return. nothing happens. Is it possible I have a setting on that would prevent any layout workflow to work correctly?

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Mavericks changed some of the ways that it allowed Applescripts to control window resizing, as far as I remember, and so anything that was written for previous versions needs to be updated. At minimum, I know that you need to authorize each application for accessibility features, or whatever it's called. But, if that's an incompatibility with Mavericks, then it would explain perfectly why the Workflow isn't working on your computer.


I'm a bit too busy to try to work on debugging another's project (I'd have to figure out exactly what it's doing and how, and I'm working on a really big and overly time-consuming Alfred project right now). I'd suggest contacting the Workflow author to see if they could provide a fix for it. Otherwise, the layouts Workflow that I pointed you to is really great. Actually, I had written one of those on my own (I hadn't released it), but the one that I pointed you to made mine look paltry enough that I stopped developing it and started using that one instead, which seems like the way to go.


Sorry that I can't be more of a help right now.



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