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Hey there -


I've used iTap RDP for a while now and have been annoyed with the inability to do a "quick connect" session like CoRD and most other RDP apps.  So I've written a quick little Alfred workflow to open an RDP session from a temp file (I can't believe I didn't think of this before!)


The workflow has been (lightly) tested with both iTap RDP and the newly-released Microsoft Remote Desktop app (free from the App Store), but should work with any other app that can read a .rdp file.



  • Type rdp <hostname/IP>[:port] (port defaults to 3389)
  • Enter will open an RDP session to the host using the default system application (can be set using APP variable in script)
  • Provide a "short hostname" (non-FQDN hostname) to auto-append the search suffix from /etc/resolv.conf




Download direct at GitHub.



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