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Birthdays for Contacts

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This is a minor thing, but from time to time I need to know a contacts birthday or their age. It would be really cool if, when I search the contact in Alfred, part of the items shown were birthday. If that is possible, I'd love for it to also calculate their age on the fly.


In Alfred Preferences -> Features -> Contacts

In the Custom Actions box on the Contacts tab, clicking + to add a Custom Action

A dialog box pops up. In the dropdown for Contact Field, I'd like to be able to add "Birthday" to this field. I don't think I've added it as a custom field to Apple Contacts (or via iOS) but I could be wrong.


If it was an option here, we could probably write a workflow like "age mom", but I'd really prefer it just be part of the contact card.


Thanks for considering it.


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Hmm, I think I'd like this added to Alfred as well.  There IS a dictionary item for "birth date" in applescript for contacts.  I am not all that familiar with Apple Scripting though, so maybe someone else can write a workflow or file action to essentially poll the contacts, and the value of 'birth date' to parse that into a result.

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