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Add tasks to Doit.im

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Doit.im todo
An Alfred Workflow for controlling Doit.im
Shortcuts in smart-add:

  • ^time
  • #project
  • #new project#
  • @context
  • !priority
  • &tag

Example (alfred keyword: "todo"):

1. "buy iPhone" -> inbox
2. "buy iPhone ^Today" -> today
3. "buy ^Tomorrow iPhone" -> tomorrow
4. "^Monday buy iPhone" -> scheduled
5. "buy iPhone ^Today !High" (Priority: Low, Medium, High)

Syntax for Russian:
Кроме того, что выше, можно использовать: "сегодня", "завтра", "в понедельник", "во вторник" ... "в воскресенье"
Download (RUS)

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