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Alfred Instacast Workflow


Since Vemedio's Instacast now supports AppleScript, I've built a workflow for controlling it with Alfred.







  • icp - Toggles Play/Pause
  • icv  - Controls volume. (Accepted params are "mute", "min", "max", "half" or any number from 0 to 10)
  • icm - Instantly mute Instacast
  • icf - Forwards current podcast 30 seconds.
  • icb - Backwards current podcast 30 seconds.

It's pretty basic right now, but I got some ideas and think to add them in a near future.




  • Latest version of Instacast that supports AppleScript natively. Tested with "1.1 (2079)"
  • Alfred Powerpack (Duh!)




Download from Packal

Direct Download from Github

Project page on Github (For issue and feature progress tracking)


Feedback, suggestions and tips (Since it's my first workflow) is always appreciated.




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