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Smarter Media Hotkeys

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I've found this to be a useful workflow so, rather than leave in languishing in my Github, I thought I'd post it here.


Usually I have something playing on my laptop, but I don't want to have to think about which app the noise is coming from. I wanted a universal play/pause/back/forth shortcut that would deal with figuring out what app it was I wanted to control, and so...


Smarter Media Hotkeys

Adds play, pause, back and forward hotkeys that support a range of applications. If a supported app is playing, the workflow will figure out what you want to interact with and take it from there.

  • F10 - go to start of current track/previous track
  • F11 - pause current audio source / play last audio source
  • F12 - go to start of next track

Presently the workflow understands iTunes, Instacast and QuickTime Player. I'm keen to add more.


Hope someone finds this useful.

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