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Readme - open the README.md for any npm module

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The Readme workflow opens the README.md of any npm module within its associated application.  This is generally a Markdown file, so you will want a Markdown viewer.  I use Marked 2.  Here's a list of Markdown-related applications.


This is incredibly handy if you're working with a lot of npm modules; I use it constantly--especially when fussing with a bunch of Grunt tasks.  




For the curious, it works by simply asking npm for the "readme" data of a module, saves it to a temp file, then opens it.  


Known Issues:  

  • No feedback if it can't find the module you're looking for.
  • No autocompletion


Current Version: v1.0


Dependencies:  NodeJS & the internets


Download: Packal / GitHub / Direct



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