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Dropbox Previous Versions - beta

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Hey everyone - 


I've been playing around with a file action to allow you to restore previous versions of files in Dropbox. Feedback and suggestions welcome.


Please note this workflow isn't 100% complete. It's worked in my testing, but it probably isn't perfect


Features include:


- Support for personal and Dropbox for Business accounts

- viewing a diff of two files if you have FileMerge installed on your computer (from Xcode)


- Get a sharable link to a file (not related to previous versions, but still a nice to have)




- Better errors when things don't work correctly (no FileMerge, you've revoked app access, linked the wrong account)

- Take advantage of the new shared folder API. I'm testing this in my personal workflow, but it's not ready to be shared yet.

- Support for more diff tools (Kaleidoscope, etc)



To get started:


  1. Download the workflow here
  2. Create a Dropbox app at https://www.dropbox.com/developer
    1. Be sure to choose Full App access, otherwise it won't work
  3. Put the client id and secret into src/config.py in the workflow directory

To authenticate:


Select a file that's in your Dropbox folder and choose the "Previous Versions" file action. You'll be prompted to authenticate by hitting enter.



- Once you've approved the app, run dbauth and paste the code. 





Using Previous Versions:


Once authenticated, you'll be able to get the last 10 previous versions of a file through the file action




Hitting Return on any of the versions will give you the option to see a diff of the file. Note that if you don't have FileMerge installed, this will probably just silently fail.

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