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Stock Quote Filter

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This is very simple example of how to use a Script Filter in a workflow.  You start typing q as the keyword then a ticker symbol and you get the company name, price, change, and market cap.  If you hit return it will bring up all the info about the ticker from google finance in your default browser.


example:  q aapl


You can download it from my Dropbox:  


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Thanks for providing this workflow.


Is it possible to search for the Dow Jones Industrial Average?  The symbol is typically ".DJI", but the workflow doesn't seem to recognize the symbol.  Not sure if it might have to do with the "." at the beginning.


Any insight would be appreciated.

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I recently upgraded to Alfred 2.0 and purchased the Powerpack.  Installed this stock workflow but "stock add" doesn't result in anything and "stock" doesn't either because nothing gets added to my portfolio.


Any help with this would be great!  This workflow looks like exactly what I'm looking for.

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