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Workon Virtualenv - list and start python virtualenvs

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Workflow to list and start python virtualenvs (assumes you and have virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper installed). 

  • Type 'ven' to see a list of python virtualenvs (located by default under ~/.virtualenvs) 
  • Select one and action it to have it activate in a new terminal or tab
  • If you know the virtualenv you want just start typing the name after a space after the 'ven'
  • Modifiers (for now I'm using and assuming use of .zsh - I'll make this more generic sometime soon) :
    • alt : open the project code folder (assumes PROJECT_HOME set)
    • ctrl : open the virtualenv folder where python and packages are installed
    • shift : show installed packages for selected virtualenv and copies them to the clipboard (assumes WORKON_HOME is set as is usual with virtualenvwrapper)
    • cmd : copy installed packages for selected virtualenv to the clipboard.

And that's it for now: https://github.com/johnnycakes79/alfred-workon-virtualenv

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