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Hi all --
I use Alfred on an iMac that has a Parallels VM installed.  I have a bunch of hotkeys that should never, ever run when I'm using an app in Parallels.
As far as I can tell, my only option is to take all of my apps in /<home>/Applications (Parallels) -- all 134 of them -- and drag them into the "Related Apps" dialog for each and every one of those hotkeys.
Then, if I ever install a new application in my Parallels VM, I need to drag *that* to the "Related Apps" dialog for each of those hotkeys, too.
Is there an easier way to do this?
1. Is there any way to tell a hotkey "don't activate for any app in this subdirectory?"
2. Failing that, is there any way to tell Alfred about a group of applications, and then set individual hotkeys not to activate if any app in that group is active?
Frankly, I'd even settle for "make it so *no hotkeys at all* activate for any app in the Parallels VM" if that would make things simpler.
   ~ thanks! ~
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