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Convert jQuery web app to Alfred

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I'm new powerpack user and currently working to convert an app I have previously made as a small web page application with jQuery JavaScript library. The application is pretty simple: it reads json data with jQuery, strips external content that I have no use and presents it as fashionable format.


I noticed that Alfred supports Javascript and I'm now seeking a guidance how I can convert my jQuery script as workflow.

There's two problems:

  1. How I can formulate my output results
  2. How to include jQuery as part of my project (normally I would just use HTML Script-tag to include my libraries)


After a quick search I didn't find an example for this kind of stuff, except some with npm and stuff or include whole jquery inside script content, but I think there's might be a better way - I just don't know where to look.


I'm web developer, so the additional direction would be to convert that in PHP, but If there's a quickier way that I didn't just find.... It would make things easier :) and probably help me to continue contributing my own workflows ( :wub:  javascript  :wub: )

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