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want to add user-defined search indexes

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Hello, I'm from Japan and really like this app.

But there's minor inconvenience of incremental search for Japanese users.


Most of Asian language can't be typed in the same way English is done because they have too many letters to place all letters on the keyboard.

So we type alphabets according to pronunciation first and then convert them to Japanese letters.


This input method has problem with incremental search because the result won't be showed up till the letter-conversation is done.

Alfred still can treat both original (English) app name and localized app name.

That's good. If I really want to use incremental search for app, I just type original name.

However local files and web-histories don't have English name in nature and this makes me really frustrating.

There isn't even support for the notation variability (in Japanese, many words have same pronunciation and the notation variability is often occur).


There're a few libraries to support Japanese incremental search but I don't want you to adopt them.

I just want to add search indexes to resolve this problem like adding "filecache.alfdb" to a column for filePronunciation.


Sorry for my poor English, but thank you for reading.


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