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doing.txt - a time tracking workflow

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Hello everyone,


I've been keeping a log of my time worked on various projects each day since May of 2009, mostly as an easy way for me to complete my time card at the end of the week. I work as a consultant, so I need to track where my time goes, mostly to the half-hour.


Our timecard system is pretty terrible, so I started just appending entries to this text file, and then using it as a reference weekly to complete the timecard.


My text file evolved over time to take on the general format used by TaskPaper, with @tags, etc. 


I made myself a shell script and an Alfred v1 extension to make it easy to make log entries, and I've also made it into an Alfred v2 workflow. 


I made this for myself, but maybe some of you will also find it useful:




Just modify the script to change the path to the file you'd like to write. Mine's ~/Dropbox/doing.taskpaper (with a symlink to ~/Dropbox/doing.txt).


I see that some of the new workflows have a way of setting variables right from within Alfred. I'll have to figure out how to implement that, since it seems nifty.



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