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Navigation and search in Alfred preferences


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Being a newcomer to Alfred – I had resisted over the years –, I'm constantly looking at preferences. Navigation and search could be quite useful.


- cmd 1-0/= for tabs

- a search field, much like system preferences. why has macOS not added this yet; I have suggested it I believe. Apps with a large amount of preferences such as Mathematica, Intellij IDEs, etc. have it. We've had menu search across macOS for a few years. Preferences is among the next additions.

- cmd-F/G for find or go to any tab, preference, defined web search (w/modifier to go directly to edit mode), etc. Spotlight, Alfred, or other apps can navigate to a specific app, shortcut, file, etc. but what about navigating within an app. Within preferences, I think it would be fantastic. 

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