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  1. @erip If it's certificates-related as @deanishe suggests, it could be due to the GlobalSign issue from back in October. GlobalSign had issues with its certification for a few hours in October. The issue itself was quickly resolved, but a small number of users' certificates didn't seem to update. Here's the documentation provided by GlobalSign to clear certificate caches (scroll down for Mac version) You can then restart your Mac. This will clear cached certificates for any websites you visit, so your Mac will acquire new certificates next time you visit them. Cheers, Vero
  2. @macjohnmcc I'd suggest taking a look at your Search Scope (in Features > Default Results) and ensure that your external drive is not included in the search scope. Cheers, Vero
  3. @helloc @vitor iTunes contains quite a few keywords in its metadata: Keywords: Music, Radio, Apple Music, Apple Radio, iTunes Radio, Beats 1, Beats One, B1, iCloud Music Library, Apple Music Connect, My Music If you choose the app you want Alfred to open when you type "one", iTunes will make its way down the list of results. Cheers, Vero
  4. @zanthony I agree that it can be tricky to know why Cmd + Space isn't available; I'll look at improving the documentation, and we'll make a link to it more obvious from the General preferences in an upcoming update. Cheers, Vero
  5. @snewman Updating this thread to let you know that in the latest pre-release (3.3.1), we've improved proportions of the left panel in the wider themes You can update to pre-release by going to Alfred's Update tab and choosing pre-releases from the dropdown at the bottom. Cheers, Vero
  6. @19000 I've been experimenting with this, including using various different input sources for Chinese and Japanese. In all instances, using a Hotkey trigger to use the Selection in macOS has worked exactly as expected. Do you use any keyboard modifier apps or other clipboard tools that may be interfering and making it difficult for Alfred to copy the selection to clipboard? Take a look at any apps listed in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. I would recommend disabling all apps aside from Alfred Text Service, and re-enabling them one at the time to see whether you can identify what may be conflicting. Cheers, Vero
  7. @Donet Welcome to the forum! Could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile, so that we can confirm your Powerpack status? Cheers, Vero
  8. @therockmandolinist Taking a quick look at Pass, if the app itself can't be added, you may need to add Terminal to Alfred's ignore list if you'd like the app to be ignored altogether. The best way for this to be handled, however, is that if Pass copies items directly to the clipboard, these should be marked as transient by Pass, so that Alfred and any other clipboard managers know to ignore them. Cheers, Vero
  9. @tianshilei1992 If you go to the Workflows tab, click the [+] in the bottom left, under Templates > Clipboard > you'll find a "Paste as plain text from clipboard" workflow. Add your own hotkey, and you'll be able to do exactly what you need Cheers, Vero
  10. @Tacitus We don't recommend using the Apps folder in Dropbox, as some users have experienced issues with this particular folder (usually reserved for apps that use the Dropbox API) but you can create another folder in Dropbox. For example, I store mine in ~/Dropbox/Alfred/ You can find out more about using Dropbox/Apps here: Cheers, Vero
  11. @vanclute I've had a look in our records and it appears you currently have a v2 license, which is why you won't see all of the features @deanishe is referring to. If you'd like to upgrade to v3, you can enter your v2 license details to upgrade at a discount here: Cheers, Vero
  12. @andrew.li1987 Apologies for the slow reply! I must've missed your earlier post While it's not possible to hide the snippets themselves, and they'll always show below the categories, you can either: Set a different icon for each collection, making it more obvious which collection each snippet belongs to Or press return on a specific collection to only see the relevant snippets belonging to that collection If you know the keyword of the snippets you're using, you can either use text auto-expansion (where you type the keyword and it's automatically replaced by the appropriate expanded text) or use the "snip" keyword followed by the snippet title or keyword in Alfred's main window. You can find out more about the feature here: In short, there are lots of ways to access and use your snippets, but it isn't possible to remove them from view in the Snippets browser. Cheers, Vero
  13. @dakila Elaborating a little on what @vitor said: Alfred can be used to launch/trigger a script to process files in a given location, but you don't specify what app you'd like to launch and whether actions in that app can be automated using AppleScript for example. This will be an essential part of your puzzle Cheers, Vero
  14. @dakila Welcome to the forum Could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile first? This allows us to confirm that you're a registered Powerpack user. Cheers, Vero
  15. @vinster Take a look at this page for details of LDML formatting: It'll allow you to create more flexible date snippets than the default dynamic placeholders: Cheers, Vero