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  1. @Sigsegv Take a look at the questions here, and let me know whether you think this applies to you as well. I'm suspecting that Alfred appears off-screen because Catalina has lost resolution of how big your visible screen area is. Next time it happens, try popping up the invisible Alfred and typing the name of an app to launch. Does it launch? If so, Alfred is running but not visible. After a while, Catalina recalculates where the visible screen area is, resulting in Alfred appearing on screen again. In Alfred's Appearance > Options, make sure that "Save position when dragging Alfred main window" is unchecked. Let me know how you get on Cheers, Vero
  2. @ssppjj First, update to Alfred 4.0.6 to be on the current version. Next, which version of Chrome are you using? Please ensure this is also the latest. And finally, when you type "bm" followed by a space, you should see this: Do you see this until you start typing the name of a bookmark, and Alfred switches to the fallback searches? If that's the case, it means that no bookmarks are found. First, try removing and re-adding Alfred to the Full Disk Access permissions in case there's corruption there. Next, if you have any bookmarks in Safari, add Safari by checking the box next to it. This will help establish that there are indeed bookmarks being found, just none from Chrome. At that stage, you'll need to ensure you're looking at the correct Chrome profile, etc... Please provide as much information as possible if you'd like further support, as you're not currently giving any details that might help troubleshoot this. Cheers, Vero
  3. @AndyG1 Which version of Alfred and macOS are you using?
  4. @ssppjj Can you please clarify what you're seeing? This isn't enough information for us to be able to help you troubleshoot the issue. Which version of Alfred are you using? Which version of macOS are you using? Did you grant Alfred Full Disk Access in the General > Request Permissions? Which sources are you using, Safari and/or Chrome? The more information you provide, the easier we'll be able to help you out Cheers, Vero
  5. @berksgr Could you provide more details on exactly which apps and what you're doing? I've just tested this between a few apps, and see identical behaviour, whether I'm changing app using Alfred, Spotlight or Alt + Tab. If you can provide a reproducible step-by-step of the behaviour you're seeing, and what you're expecting, I'll take a further look Cheers, Vero
  6. @rtlong Can you please provide more details about your setup? Which version of macOS are you using? Which version of Alfred are you using? What Mac + monitor setup do you use? (e.g. retina or not, do you change setup between laptop and external screen) Users who've reported experiencing an issue with this seem to disappear and not come back with further questions after these suggestions, so it's difficult for us to establish *what* is the source of the issue to help future users. This leads me to believe the solution is very simple, but once users don't experience the issue anymore, they don't think of sharing their solution. Cheers, Vero
  7. @ionstorm Thanks for providing some details; Here are a few more questions to help establish what's going on Do you sync your preferences? If so, to what service and what is the exact path? There's a possibility that if you're using a service where the file isn't available on wake (e.g. Google Drive), Alfred doesn't think you have any customisations and reverts to default preferences, in which case he'd switch back to Alt + Space, the default hotkey. Do you have an external screen? Do you plug and unplug from it? Some users have reported Alfred not appearing on screen after wake, but it turns out that Catalina has mis-configured the screen dimensions and Alfred is really appearing off the visible screen. In that case, you should be able to use your hotkey, blindly type an app name and launch it. Do you have any errors in Console after wake? If you fully quit Karabiner and any other apps that may be interfering, does the issue still occur? Cheers, Vero
  8. @afzalive More relevant than Alfred build versions (which are unlikely to be the source of your slow results), which version of macOS are you using? Alfred relies on the macOS metadata, so if you've recently updated to Catalina, there's likely an issue with the underlying metadata index. Are you seeing "Waiting for results from macOS..." when doing a file search? When you see the "Waiting for results" in Alfred, it is Alfred waiting for the macOS metadata server to return file results to him, and the performance at this point is entirely outside of Alfred's control. Having said that, it is quite unusual to see this message in Alfred. First, make sure you're using Alfred 4.0.6+. There are then a few things to try to fix the issue in Catalina: Reset Alfred's default search scope in the Features > Default Results to make sure Alfred isn't looking in any locations that are no longer relevant. Rebuild the macOS metadata index using the shortcut in Alfred's Advanced preferences. Temporarily create a new user account, switch to that user and see the performance on that account, in case any other installed apps on your main profile are interfering with search interactions / performance. Let us know how you get on. Cheers, Vero
  9. @bubbabr You could create a File Filter workflow for PDFs with an Open File action, where you specify the app the file should be opened in. Cheers, Vero
  10. @outsider If you want to disable Snippets altogether temporarily, just type ?snip into Alfred to pop up the Snippets preferences and uncheck the box in the top right to disable expansion Cheers, Vero
  11. @raguay.customct This all sounds highly unusual, and seems to be unique to your Mac. Have you tried basic troubleshooting steps? For example: Do you see this issue at all if you create a new temporary user account on your Mac and launch Alfred there? Does the issue occur after you restart your Mac? Are you experiencing any other oddities on your Mac outside of Alfred, such as performance issues, quirkiness? Cheers, Vero
  12. You will need to grant Airmail full disk access as it will be Airmail attempting to access the file for attachment.
  13. @Ehler Catalina requires more granular permissions for apps, so it may be that you need to grant Airmail Full Disk Access under System Prefs > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access. If you add Airmail there, do attachments start working as expected? Cheers, Vero
  14. @orokusaki Are you using any third party tools that might be using Shift + 8 for something else, resulting in the error beep you're hearing? It's normal for Alfred to say "Please enter a valid expression" when 2* is entered, as Alfred is just waiting for you to finish your calculation to give you a result. If you're unable to work out what's causing the beep, try the following: - Quit all third-party apps and tools, try again - Try creating a temporary user account on your Mac (no need to activate your Powerpack license on that profile, as the calculator is a core/free version feature) and see if you get the same beep Cheers, Vero
  15. @snsokstan Take a look at the Unicode date formats here and search for milliseconds for more details of how you should format your date: http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr35/tr35-31/tr35-dates.html#Date_Format_Patterns There's both fractional seconds and milliseconds in day, so take a look at what you prefer and their respective formats. Cheers, Vero
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