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  1. Hi guys, thanks for helping each other out so nicely With regards to language-specific forum sections, that's not something we'll be doing anytime soon; While there are a number of active French-speaking users (myself included) on the forum, we also have users from all around the world, speaking numerous languages. Segregating everyone into language-specific sections would make it much harder for us (and for very helpful and knowledgeable community members - like @vitor @deanishe @dfay to name just a few) to provide help, given we each only speak a few languages. It also means that other users can't benefit from the helpful answer, due to the language barrier. Instead, let's keep everyone together, but just be patient with each other if there's a miscommunication caused by language. If someone's *really* stuck and has to post in their native language, I'm sure a fellow user will help translate a question along the way. Cheers, Vero
  2. @quikatb The file type and the search scope would both be required, but I'd recommend against it. It's likely to make your results unnecessarily noisy if there are more than a few notes in there. Cheers, Vero
  3. Hi @roguetash - Welcome to the forum! Date arithmetics is coming to snippets in the next release I can't say exactly when this will happen, but if you're interested in having a play, I'd suggest switching to pre-releases in the Update tab, and looking out for the next updates. Details will be in the change log, and documentation will go live once the feature goes to general release. Cheers, Vero
  4. @quikatb Hi Tim, Apologies for the slow response on this post! Seems I've missed this one. I've got a workflow that's ideal for searching for Notes on your Mac: Notes on your Mac.alfredworkflow?dl=0 The file type ( isn't included in default results. Depending on how much content is stored in your Notes, a workflow ensures that notes are only searched when relevant and don't clutter up your default results. Simply type "notes" followed by keywords included in the title or content of your note, and you'll see the results appear Cheers, Vero
  5. @Cafe_Sante You'll always find the updated link in the first post of this thread, including information on which version of Evernote to use, as well as details on how to use the workflow Cheers, Vero
  6. Hi Vero,


    For some reason I can't see the reply editor anymore, nor the quote links under the messages .. 






  7. @kasiake Welcome to the forum Workflows are part of the Powerpack, so first could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile? This is only visible to administrators, but allows us to confirm your Powerpack status first. We'll then be happy to help you out with your workflow project. Cheers, Vero
  8. Hi @Mehdi, You can type "youtube" followed by your keyword directly into Alfred, press return and your default browser will be launched with the YouTube results. Also worth taking a look at the "Should I watch this movie?" workflow example built into Alfred, as it gives you a few ideas on how you can search for movies, including using the built-in YouTube default search Some fun ways to build upon your existing workflow, if you fancy it! Cheers, Vero
  9. battery

    Hi @nowasforjason Take a look at this thread, where @deanishe outlines the issue, which relates to workflows that use Python on macOS Sierra, and provides a solution: Cheers, Vero
  10. @rightx2 This is the best place to start: If the same file, in the same location sometimes shows and sometimes doesn't, then it's indeed likely to be an indexing related issue. If you're referring to some files showing but others not, it could be down to search scope or file types, so the indexing troubleshooting documentation should help you out If it still doesn't work, be sure to provide more details about the files, their location, whether Spotlight finds them, etc so that we can help you further. Cheers, Vero
  11. @JasonMark Looks like Dean's responded to your questions, but I wanted to add that you'll find many guides and tutorials on the Alfred site as well. We tend to create written guides rather than videos, as they're easier to update when Alfred gets new features, and are easier to scan visually when you only need one or two bits of information You'll find them here: With any of Alfred's features, you can click on the question mark icon in the corner of any of the preferences tabs and you'll be taken to the relevant help page. Cheers, Vero
  12. @Misha As I replied to @DerNils a few months ago, if it can be set as default Finder replacement in macOS, you'll be able to use it instead of Finder. For example, I'm aware of some users who choose PathFinder as an alternative to Finder, so that when Alfred instructs your OS to open a given folder, it opens in the alternative app. (This isn't an endorsement of PathFinder, and I'm not sure whether it's still fully supported on current OS versions.) You may need to experiment to see if it's possible to set it as default - though from the OP's comments, it may not be. Cheers, Vero
  13. @ssylviageo There are quite a few improvements and additions coming to snippets in the next Alfred updates, so keep an eye out on the pre-releases for things like this Cheers, Vero
  14. @Jay Just to let you know, Alfred supports native macOS emacs bindings (e.g. ctrl + n and ctrl + p to navigate down/up)
  15. @dunkaroo Replied to your email as soon as I woke up - you should be all sorted now Cheers, Vero