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  1. Vero

    Will the real Alfred please stand up?

    @garthk Did disabling that workflow do the job? I can see you've responded to @jukben on Github here: https://github.com/jukben/alfred-emoji/issues/6 Hope you don't mind, but I'll lock this thread, and focus the discussion on this earlier thread to keep the conversation in one place as it all seems to stem from the same workflows: Cheers, Vero
  2. I've tested this on macOS Mojave 10.14.2 today, and unfortunately this issue hasn't been fixed by Apple. We'll keep an eye on any fixes to this in future updates.
  3. @sirdavidoff For Alfred to be able to sort the results, you need to include a UID to the items in your workflow. You can find more details here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/script-filter/json/#uid Cheers, Vero
  4. The default hotkey is Alt + Space, so you can always leave it at that. Cmd + Space is a popular alternative, a familiar one as it's the default Spotlight hotkey. It takes a little work to turf out Spotlight from this combination (https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/cmd-space/) I wouldn't recommend using Enter as part of your combo, as you're then clashing with the very useful Action Modifiers (https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/action-modifiers-quick-alternative-actions/) but Enter is allowed in a hotkey combo - so just keep that in mind if you later use workflows that use action modifiers. Cheers, Vero
  5. @Thomas_U Make sure keyword latching is turned on in Alfred's Advanced preferences > Learning > "Top Result Keyword Latching" You should then only need to select it a couple of time to tell Alfred you want "1" to be associated to 1Password Cheers, Vero
  6. Vero

    Contacts not showing in Alfred

    @BigTrees First, launch Alfred's Preferences to Features > Contacts > Advanced and ensure "Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts" is not checked. By default, Alfred uses Apple's Contacts API for searching contacts, and these open in Alfred's Contacts Viewer. However, if you've checked the Spotlight metadata alternative (under Features > Contacts > Advanced), the results will include all sorts of contacts files (e.g. from old backups, or your Downloads folder) which will always be opened in the Contacts app. Cheers, Vero
  7. @vitor Yup, it literally is that simple Thanks for creating it - I was about to come back to this thread and make one! And yes, iTerm2 is a likely source of the issue, @Maddog, if you're using it. iTerm has a "copy on select" option, which I believe you can disable if that's the only instance where you see it happening! Well remembered, Vitor. Cheers, Vero
  8. I think @vitor has provided as good an answer as I could've done for the earlier question, so all I can contribute on this Friday afternoon is a cat picture Two of the four members of the Alfred team; Rose and Jack*, who are now rather bigger than they were then... They are very important team members, mostly ensuring team happiness and providing reminders to take dinner breaks on busy days [And no, their names are not from Titanic...] Cheers, Vero
  9. @Maddog I would suspect that one of the third party apps is resulting in Cmd + C + C being accidentally triggered. If you either disable these apps temporarily, or use a secondary account on your Mac where they aren't running, do you encounter the accidental merge there? Alternatively, you can disable merging and create a workflow with a different hotkey, where you can say merge the two most recently copied items together. It would require remembering a different hotkey combo, but might suit you better
  10. Hi @Thomas_U, if you select 1Password a couple of times after typing "1", Alfred will learn this is the app you want to prioritise Apple are quite cheeky in the keywords they include in the metadata for iTunes. Here's what's in the metadata: "Music, Radio, Apple Music, Apple Radio, iTunes Radio, Beats 1, Beats One, B1, iCloud Music Library, Apple Music Connect, My Music" Alfred will always learn from your usage, so as long as you pick the 1Password app a few times for that specific keyword, it'll come up first. Cheers, Vero
  11. Vero

    Icons are not showing properly

    @szymon_k Could you please send the following database file to our info@ email address so that we can take a look at what it contains? ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Databases/filecache.alfdb We'd like to take a look and see if it might provide some insight into this issue. Cheers, Vero
  12. @Andreas Larsen We've tested this on a couple of our Macs on Mojave, and can't replicate the issue you're describing. Alfred doesn't have control over this and it's down to macOS to give Safari focus back. First, have you tried restarting your Mac to see if the issue goes away? Secondly, do you have any Safari extensions/plugins that could be playing a part in this? You may want to try creating a new user account on your Mac temporarily, to see what behaviour you get with a vanilla profile. Cheers, Vero
  13. Vero

    Some apps showing twice

    @rrashkov Welcome to the forum First, try typing "reload" into Alfred, which will refresh the application cache. If that doesn't resolve the issue, there's probably a bit of confusion in your Mac's metadata index, so pop to Alfred's Advanced preferences, and click the "Rebuild macOS Metadata" to rebuild your Mac's index. This can take up to an hour, then type "reload" again, and let me know how you get on. Cheers, Vero
  14. Vero

    Antidote 10

    @Grug If you've only just installed the app, it may not yet be indexed by macOS. You can speed this up by dragging the app or your Applications folder to the Spotlight Privacy tab, waiting 30 secs, dragging it back out, waiting 30 secs again. This should have forced the indexing. Once you've done that, type "reload" into Alfred to refresh the application cache. If you still can't find the app, use the Metadata tool to work out whether the information about the app exists: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/mdls/ Cheers, Vero
  15. Vero

    Icons are not showing properly

    @clepore Has the Mac been switched on and logged in? I'm less wondering whether restarts help, and more theorising that macOS may need some idle time to process something in the background. Let me know how you get on Cheers, Vero