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  1. I guess that means we have different gremlins...
  2. Just curious, when you try sending multiple files to LR via Finder's Open With, what file type are the files?
  3. Weird, it does seem to work here -- I'm running El Cap & the current CC version of Lightroom -- same for you?
  4. When selecting multiple files in Finder, choosing Open With, and then selecting Lightroom (presumably after navigating through Other) -- you only see one file selected in Lightroom? That definitely shows me multiple when I do it here. So Alfred is using a different mechanism to send the files as compared to Finder's Open With? I suppose that alone could explain the problem.
  5. Thanks, I'm sending them to Lightroom. Reason being: Lightroom doesn't show up as one of the default apps in the Finder's Open With menu -- and I have to select "Other" and then navigate to find Lightroom -- so it's a silly chore whenever I want to do it. My workflow does open a single file into Lightroom -- and if I do Open With in Finder I can send multiple files to Lightroom -- but if I select multiple files and call my Alfred hotkey, it seems to have only sent one.
  6. Hi all, I made a simple workflow to use a hotkey to open selected files in Finder into a specific application. I have a "Hotkey" set to "Pass through to workflow" with "Selection in OS X" -- and that's connected to an "Open File" with my intended application in it. When I select a single file in Finder and call my Alfred-assigned hotkey, that file opens in the intended application. However, when I select several files in Finder and call the hotkey, only one of them opens. Additionally, if I select several files and use Finder's "Open With" -- in that case, multiple files DO open in the same application. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. That's not what seems to happen here... If I quit iTunes, press cmd+opt+i, and select an album, I don't seem to be in safe mode. Is there a sequence of steps I could follow to reproduce? (So far, I've only ever seen it after rebuilding the index.)
  8. But... If iTunes is not running -- and if I use command-option-i to open Alfred's Mini Player -- and then choose to play a random album -- and then iTunes launches and plays the selected album -- in this case, I don't get the "safe mode" dialog -- I only seem to get it if I rebuild the index. Did you get the dialog simply from launching iTunes via the command-option-i hotkey? Or only when you rebuilt the index? (ps: it would be nice if Alfred could rebuild the index automatically -- either whenever it notices a change, or perhaps on a timed schedule.) btw, I think Alfred is terrific -- I finally started using it when I discovered a few reproducible bugs in Spotlight under El Capitan -- I reported them to Apple, and the rep reproduced them too, and then he was told that the engineers didn't care -- I thought that was crazy! And now I'm hooked on Alfred.
  9. Thanks -- do you happen to know if there's a way to get iTunes to stop listening for cmd+option+i, perhaps reassign it to some other hotkey? (long story, but using cmd+option+i in Alfred is ideal for how I have things set up with my other Alfred hotkeys)
  10. I use command-space to pull up Alfred, and option-command-i to call up Alfred's iTunes browser. However, I've only seen the safe mode dialog after I pressed command-r with Alfred's iTunes browser open -- I've rebuilt the index twice that way, and each time I got the dialog from iTunes after -- and other times I have used Alfred's iTunes browser (by calling option-command-i), without rebuilding the index, I haven't received the dialog form iTunes... Given that, do you still think that's the problem?
  11. fwiw, the most recent release of Microsoft Remote Desktop seems to have fixed the "another device has connected to this session" problem. I'm thinking it relates to this from their release notes: Fixed the following issues: - When you reopen an active connection through the connection center, the active connection window is brought to the foreground instead of disconnecting that session and opening a new one. So, for me, this workflow actually works fine now -- my only remaining issue is that if I call the workflow when the terminal connection has already been opened, it throws the commands into the Windows session, and unwanted stuff happens -- if the workflow could just check that it only sends commands to the RDP session selection window, I think that would be helpful.
  12. Hi all, I just started trying Alfred's iTunes Mini Player -- and (for the first time) got an odd dialog from iTunes: "iTunes is running in safe mode -- visual plug-ins you have installed have been temporarily disabled" Not quite sure what to make of that? (fwiw, I haven't installed any visual plug-ins) It seems to have followed Command-R to rebuild Alfred's iTunes index.
  13. Sorry, a question... When I use Alfred's File Action to Move a file to a directory within /Volumes/{share name}/{path/to/directory} If I use Alfred's File Action to Move another file, the directory I previously moved a file to (on the remote volume) will show up in Move dialog's pre-populated list of suggested destinations. However, that destination does not show up under 'open' or 'find' through the main Alfred box. Is there some way to get them to show up there too?
  14. Thanks, didn't know about /Volumes -- I had read the doc on your site, but didn't realize /Volumes was an "already present" directory I had access to, neat! Just tried, worked fine -- a bit confusing because a "move" to the remote drive really winds up as a "copy" -- leaving the target file where it was prior to the move. Of course that's also what happens if I drag a file in Finder to the server, so I guess it's to be expected (it just threw me off when I first tried). Here's a thought -- when using Alfred's File Action > Move (or Copy) -- it could be handy if Alfred had an option to "Reveal in Finder" the location the file was Moved/Copied to (just so you can confirm the action). Thanks, new to Alfred and loving it! -Scott
  15. Thanks, sorry that it's been a hassle -- any idea why I only seem to get "another device has connected to this session" when opening though the workflow? I kind of though the workflow was simply instructing Remote Desktop to open the connection -- and I don't get that dialog when opening from within Remote Desktop. In any case, thanks for making and sharing it, wish it wasn't such a PITA.
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