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  1. Does this seem right to you? As is, nothing happens. If I change "input as argv" to "input as {query}" then the application opens, but not with the files I have selected. Thanks a ton, and certainly feel no obligation to help.
  2. Ah! So, grateful for these last tips... 1) Instead of sending the "Selection in MacOS" to "Actions/Open File" I would instead send it to "Actions/Run Script" 2) The Script would be set to language "/bin/zsh" 3) Question: I leave "with input as argv" (or change to "with input as {querry}")? 4) Question: I leave running instances as "Sequentially" (or change to "Concurrently")? 5) The dialog defaults to open with: query=$1 echo -n $query Am I supposed to keep that? Or just replace all of it? 6) open -a YourApplication $@ If my application is named Adobe Lightroom Classic, am I supposed to put that in some sort of quotes? This will be so amazing to finally get working!
  3. I'm afraid I'm not very technical when it comes Mac/Unix (or other MacOS scripting) so I don't yet how I would go about putting something as your suggestion into play. You mean, for example, something would be added to the Command-click menu in Finder? And then run against selected files? Sorry I not up to speed, certainly feel free to ignore me -- your help much appreciated regardless.
  4. Another way it could be fixed, at least for me... The selection of apps in Finder's "Open With" menu doesn't seem particularly simple to edit, in my case I would just add Lightroom to show up for JPGs and other image files. Alfred has its own File Actions -- which includes an option to "Open With" -- and which is populated with the same app options as I see in Finder. But since this is now within Alfred, perhaps some new feature could permit adding our own choices to how Alfred shows its own "Open With." Thanks for responding.
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to open multiple selected files from Finder into a specific app -- in my case photo library utility Lightroom, which then opens them into an Import dialog. My problem: only one of the selected files shows up in Lightroom's Import dialog. If I select the same multiple files in Finder ... then command-click to get to "Open With" ... then select "Other" ... then select Lightroom ... now I get all of them. Meaning, Lightroom can be sent multiple files, but not the way Alfred is sending them. I believe Alfred may be sending them "one-by-one" -- in which case, I think Lightroom opens its dialog when it gets the first file, and then (because the dialog is already open) it refuses to open the rest. Is there perhaps some way to get around this? Thanks, maybe just not possible...
  6. Hi all, I have my first Mac with a Touch Bar, I get why folks are trying to tweak it. Let me explain what I've done... 1) In my System Keyboard settings, I set the Touch Bar to always show the Expanded Control Strip -- that way I have a consistent set of buttons at the top, with easy access to the old controls 2) In my System Keyboard settings, I set Press Fn Key to Show App Controls -- that way, I can hold Fn to see app-specific controls if they are useful. 3) However, if the App Controls are *really* useful for some specific app, it seems it would be good to be able to toggle them to stay on, rather than have to keep holding Fn. 4) So my question: is it possible to set the Caps Lock key (which I seldom use) to act as a "Fn Lock" key? Seems like that could be a pretty handy way to handle the Touch Bar? Or perhaps there is some other way to toggle between Expanded Control Strip and App Controls?
  7. I guess that means we have different gremlins...
  8. Just curious, when you try sending multiple files to LR via Finder's Open With, what file type are the files?
  9. Weird, it does seem to work here -- I'm running El Cap & the current CC version of Lightroom -- same for you?
  10. When selecting multiple files in Finder, choosing Open With, and then selecting Lightroom (presumably after navigating through Other) -- you only see one file selected in Lightroom? That definitely shows me multiple when I do it here. So Alfred is using a different mechanism to send the files as compared to Finder's Open With? I suppose that alone could explain the problem.
  11. Thanks, I'm sending them to Lightroom. Reason being: Lightroom doesn't show up as one of the default apps in the Finder's Open With menu -- and I have to select "Other" and then navigate to find Lightroom -- so it's a silly chore whenever I want to do it. My workflow does open a single file into Lightroom -- and if I do Open With in Finder I can send multiple files to Lightroom -- but if I select multiple files and call my Alfred hotkey, it seems to have only sent one.
  12. Hi all, I made a simple workflow to use a hotkey to open selected files in Finder into a specific application. I have a "Hotkey" set to "Pass through to workflow" with "Selection in OS X" -- and that's connected to an "Open File" with my intended application in it. When I select a single file in Finder and call my Alfred-assigned hotkey, that file opens in the intended application. However, when I select several files in Finder and call the hotkey, only one of them opens. Additionally, if I select several files and use Finder's "Open With" -- in that case, multiple files DO open in the same application. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. That's not what seems to happen here... If I quit iTunes, press cmd+opt+i, and select an album, I don't seem to be in safe mode. Is there a sequence of steps I could follow to reproduce? (So far, I've only ever seen it after rebuilding the index.)
  14. But... If iTunes is not running -- and if I use command-option-i to open Alfred's Mini Player -- and then choose to play a random album -- and then iTunes launches and plays the selected album -- in this case, I don't get the "safe mode" dialog -- I only seem to get it if I rebuild the index. Did you get the dialog simply from launching iTunes via the command-option-i hotkey? Or only when you rebuilt the index? (ps: it would be nice if Alfred could rebuild the index automatically -- either whenever it notices a change, or perhaps on a timed schedule.) btw, I think Alfred is terrific -- I finally started using it when I discovered a few reproducible bugs in Spotlight under El Capitan -- I reported them to Apple, and the rep reproduced them too, and then he was told that the engineers didn't care -- I thought that was crazy! And now I'm hooked on Alfred.
  15. Thanks -- do you happen to know if there's a way to get iTunes to stop listening for cmd+option+i, perhaps reassign it to some other hotkey? (long story, but using cmd+option+i in Alfred is ideal for how I have things set up with my other Alfred hotkeys)
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