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  1. Is anyone else having difficulty with snippets in Yahoo mail? I use a snippet to end emails, which has a return, the word "Thanks," another return and my name. Not too imaginative, I know, but I'm going for convenience and speed. It works fine in Gmail, and other forms. On Yahoo mail it jumps around the page: sometimes up before the salutation, sometimes after the signature, and sometimes I never find the text. I have some other simple spelling typo snippets which also sometimes misbehave on Yahoo mail. Everywhere else, Snippets are working amazingly. I love them. Anything to do to fix Yahoo? Thanks, Kurt
  2. Is there any way to change the Snippet Sound? With all these interesting Alfred sounds, it would be a shame if we couldn't use them with Snippets.
  3. Fairly rookie post. I could not find the answer. I hope I didn't miss the obvious. Is there a way to move snippets between folders? I started one to correct my most common DOuble CAps and added a few others. (BTW-Alfred is FANTASTIC! at correcting typos--in any application. I love it.) Now my double cap list is growing fairly quickly and will be huge soon. I want to start a new folder with the non double cap snippets. Do I have to start from scratch or is there a way to move them? This place is so on the ball I was hoping it would work out.
  4. THe previous reply got stuck in the quote, and I couldn't get out. Yes, the workflow idea could be fine. I see all the double caps and fix them anyway. I'd like to speed up the process. As for the twin capital pairs, I only have a few that account for most of them: TH, WE, MA, and IT. I wouldn't want it to change state abbreviations, such as MA but still fix MAddie to Maddie.
  5. I am new to the forums here. I checked and did not find this request. Maybe it is out of the scope of what Alfred can do. If so, I get it. Nevertheless, I would like Alfred to be able to fix twin capitals at the beginning of a word, no matter what application is running. Change "LIke THis" to --> "Like This". I have used a different piece of software that claims this as a feature, Text Expander, But it just does not work. I am a poor typist and want a piece of software to clean up my errors rather than improve my typing.
  6. Seven months later, crickets... Please, anyone?
  7. This is my first post and I hope this has not been answered 100 times already, but I didn't see an answer. Is there a way to write a workflow that will open iTunes, update all the apps that need updating, then close iTunes? Apps will update on my phone but in iTunes you must do it manually, or automate it yourself.
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