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  1. I deleted the Evernote work flow an reinstalled it a couple of time and at last it stopped asking for Evernote 2. So that fine Still can't get it to write titles on new notes though. Very strange and annoying flaw.
  2. I've asked a couple of times in the forum how you give notes titles, but no answers. I guess it's just not possible. Now another problem rendered the work flow completely useless: after installing Alfred 3 a box comes up (twice!), every time I try to do something, asking me "where Alfred 2" is. It's really a pity - Evernote for Alfred would really have been a nice thing if it had worked.
  3. Any one know how you give an Evernote note made with Alfred a title? I read somewhere that you should write :Title - but is doesnt work. The work flow idea is great, but it has really no use if you can not give your notes titles.
  4. Regarding how to give note text entered through Alfred a title: Did this get solved?
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