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  1. I was able to check workflows previously. None of them are using the shortcuts I mentioned. I don't use any keyboard remappers. It seems, after further testing, that if I just activate Alfred (I'm using ⌘+Space) then go back to my browser (Safari), the Safari (Zendesk, specifically) shortcuts work. Now that I think about it more.....I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I am using Alfred snippets in Zendesk as well. Could this be pulling focus away from the Zendesk built-in shortcuts somehow when I call an Alfred snippet? Edit: I'm 99% sure that the snippets are the issue. I just answered an email in Zendesk where I used a snippet and then I couldn't use ⌃⌘S to submit the response. I then answered an email without using any Alfred snippets and I was able to use the shortcut to submit. Alfred is somehow hijacking or disabling the use of Zendesk shortcuts when snippets are used on the page. Note: The issue also happens with or without the 'Automatically expand snippets by keyboard' option enabled. Also, moving to a different Safari tab and then back to the one Zendesk is on also seems to fix the stolen focus.
  2. I'm not seeing any workflows with the shortcuts I use. I'm not sure how to check Alfred preferences for any hotkeys. I've checked Features and don't see anything using these shortcuts so I'm still not sure what could be causing it.
  3. Hi, I'm new to Alfred so I am not sure where to look in its preferences for this. In a web app I use daily, there are some shortcuts that I frequently use: ⌃⌥S and ⌃⌥P. Whenever I have Alfred running, these often do not work. As soon as I close Alfred, they work again. Any ideas where I can look in Alfred's preferences to see if something is interfering with these? Thanks.
  4. I realize Alfred 3 was just released so new features may not come for a while. The additions in this release led me to become a Mega Supporter and I wasn't even using Alfred before this release (I had used Alfred in the past, however) so thanks for the amazing work thus far. Anyway, to my suggestion: I am/was a daily user of aText. The one thing that would make Alfred completely replace aText for me is the ability to add snippet pop-ups (not the technical term, I'm sure). It's great that you can add simple things like {clipboard}{date}, etc., but taking it one step further would be great. In aText, you can insert a blank field so when you type a shortcut you are prompted with a field to fill in. Example: This can also be useful for markdown, and other things I imagine. In aText I have a URL Markdown snippet that makes my clipboard contents the URL and a pop-up that allows me to enter any text for that. Example: In case it helps, this snippet in aText looks like this: [【field:text】](【clipboard】)
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