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  1. ah, there it is! Thank you so much, I never saw that options box in the bottom left. I appreciate the quick reply, hopefully this does the trick!
  2. I installed Alfred 3 (first time I've used Alfred) along with the powerpack over the weekend. Got to work yesterday and one of my core apps for my business (a proprietary app our corporate office developed that runs in java) was virtually useless. Couldn't figure out what happened, then thought maybe it's Alfred. I quit Alfred, it runs fine. I told the dev about it and he found something online about when Alfred runs in standard mode it can conflict with java apps, so the answer is to select compatibility mode. I can't find that setting in V3. Is that still an option? I hope so, otherwise I just wasted the purchase on the powerpack as I can't use Alfred in standard mode and do business otherwise.
  3. so did you delete your old version of the workflow before installed FroZen's? Then, after installing his, do you now see the q_workflow file? Something is still pointing to Alfred 2. And do you still have v2 on your machine?
  4. they're not installed locally on your machine? Have you searched your entire computer for q_workflow.scpt? It's gotta be there somewhere, I don't think the extension would run at all without it.
  5. if you have this extension installed then they gotta exist somewhere. Do a search on your computer to find the location they reside in, then edit them from there. I didn't give the exact path because the last folder is some long, cryptic string of characters. You just gotta figure out which one of 'em holds this extension.
  6. kelpie...see my last post above, I'm guessing he followed that advice. Gotta modify a couple of the scripts to point to Alfred 3 instead of 2 and then you're in business.
  7. I'm glad it worked for you, too. it's a very nice workflow.
  8. Ok, I figured out how to fix it on my computer. Hopefully this will work for you guys. Now, first, I'm brand new to Alfred so I didn't have Alfred 2 on my computer. I installed Alfred 3 fresh, then bought the powerpack. I found the folder that had the script files. Two of them had references to Alfred 2 instead of Alfred 3. I changed those, saved the files, and now the workflow is working for me. Find the folder that has this workflow's script files. For me, that was in my user library/application support/alfred 3/alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows, then under that last folder there are folders with long text strings for names. I just searched for one of the script files to find the right one. Then in that script file you'll find two files that need modification: en_pref.scpt and q_workflow.scpt. Search for "Alfred" in those files and you should find two references in each to "Alfred 2". Change the '2' to '3' in each instance, save the file and you're done. At least that's what I did. I had the same issues as the last few posters, and now it's working perfectly. hope this helps those of you who also have this issue. Many thanks to FroZen_X who helped me troubleshoot this and ultimately figure it out. I'd still be stuck without his or her's generous assistance.
  9. q_workflow.scpt was in the same folder as all the other scripts. I just went through every scpt file, doing a search for "Alfred". Most didn't have it at all, but those two did. I changed 2 to 3 and voila, I'm in business!
  10. Sorry I didn't post this earlier. I'm still working with the new forum member 10 post a day limit and I had to wait for it to reset. alright, I figured it out. There are two scripts that reference Alfred 2. I just went and looked at each script. There's en_pref.scpt and q_workflow.scpt. I changed it in those, saved 'em, and I'm in business! It now seems to be working perfectly. I wonder if you're now having issues because you also have Alfred 2 installed. I've only got Alfred 3. Changing those elements in those two scripts seems to have done the trick. Thanks so much for your help!
  11. ok, so just to be clear, here's what I just tried to do. I went to ~/library/application support/alfred 3/alred.alfredpreferences/workflows/ and then found that .scpt file in user.workflow.......(big string of characters). I'm not a script guy, just making that clear. I double clicked the script which brought it up in Script Editor. I then searched for "Alfred" and that text string is not used in that script. I then searched on "2" and it's in there 36 times, but never in a way that looks like it is used to refer to a version number. Am I looking in the wrong place? Only way I found that scpt file in the first place was just doing a search and that's the only place that got returned.
  12. I did as you suggested. I deleted the Evernote workflow, then actually quit and relaunched Alfred just to be safe, then downloaded and installed the workflow you exported. I'm getting the same exact behavior with the same exact error message. You've probably already seen it, but in the Sharing Workflows section of this forum there's an Evernote topic up to 29 pages and a lot of others are experiencing the same thing I'm experiencing. It's here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/840-evernote-8991-evernote-606-support-search-create-append-set-reminders-all-within-alfred/page-29 In a prior life I used to do software development. After reading that other thread I figured "well at least everyone's having this issue, should make diagnosing and fixing it easier" but now we have you with no issues and the workflow working perfectly. I'm assuming you're on Alfred 3, correct? Man I'd love to get this workflow working. All the others (except the Comics one) are working beautifully. Problem is, most of the others I just installed to see how they worked but won't use them much. This Evernote one, I'd use this a lot. Thanks again for your time and assistance.
  13. Ok, first, thank you for all your help. I'm very grateful for it. I did delete the workflow before reinstalling it but apparently just having the prefs window open and the workflow pane visible seems to be enough to generate that error message. So I deleted it again, closed the prefs window and reinstalled the workflow. Same behavior. So I put it in debug mode and this is the error message: [2016-05-21 20:37:53][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] Code 1: 0:90: execution error: mkdir: /Users/RJM/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data: No such file or directory (1) I went looking and, yep, I have that exact path but with Alfred 3 instead of 2. So I tried an experiment. I copied that directory and renamed it exactly the same except Alfred 2, but I still get the same error message. I'm not sure if it's something in the workflow script that's looking for that directory or something at a higher level than that.
  14. When I doubleclick on the work flow after downloading it, I get this error: "Unable to import workflow Please close the sheet you are currently editing and try again". If I select 'close' after seeing that, I'm then seeing a screen that allows me to import this workflow. If I select 'import', then I see the workflow. If I then try to use it, I get the same error that others are getting as noted on that thread. I do have Evernote installed locally as a Mac app and it is synced. Not sure where to go from here.
  15. yeah, I posted on the thread for this workflow in the other workflow-dedicated forum here. Seems like several of us are having the same issue. If I select to search in Evernote, it will only let me search in either google, amazon or wikipedia. I don't get an option to search in Evernote. And if I select the designated hotkey of ens, I only get the option to sync evernote. So I have to just type en, then scroll to the 'search evernote' option, which then gives me the google/wiki/amazon options. Seems like a number of people are having an issue with this one.
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