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  1. The quicklook feature appears to be broken. Typing "ens", highlighting a note, holding shift, then pressing enter causes the following error to be written to the debug console: [22:50:09.357] ERROR: Evernote[Run Script] 152:154: execution error: The variable ql is not defined. (-2753) EDIT: upon further investigation the error appears to be coming from the "⇧" path of the "ens" script filter, which is a run script action with the osascript: which is clearly a typo. I tried making the obvious changes (e.g. putting "-ql" inside the quotes) but I couldn'
  2. Hi all! I made a workflow for filtering and searching for AWS EC2 instances. It supports multiple accounts, multi-factor authentication, and "assume role" cross-account delegation. The README describes usage. Take a look! Download: https://github.com/maxrothman/aws-alfred-workflow/releases/download/2.0.1/aws.v2.0.1.alfredworkflow EDIT: found a major bug. Download link has been updated.
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