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  1. Awesome!! You rock. I will try it out tonight. And its the least I could do!
  2. Oh awesome thank you for the help. I do keep my gifs there as do my cohorts at Yelp. Let me know if it's too much trouble. Cheers Deanishe
  3. Ah yes makes sense. Glad we cleared that up. You hit the nail on the head. Sorry for the confusion / potentially unclear prose. Cheers.
  4. Oh thats awesome. I'm not an engineer at all but was trying to get this running with thumbnails. GIF workflow Featured on http://destroytoday.com/writings/gif-workflow/ Do you think you would be willing to plug into into that workflow for me? (Don't know how much work / knowledge is involved) Also if you don't want to add it to Packal I'd be happy to add it for you and credit you.
  5. I said I know many designers who want this. Not that I am the chief designer and know what we all want and speak for the community. Again I appreciate the feedback but it just seemed like a belabored response to something that was said so casually. I believe you if you say it wasn't intended that way though. So cheers.
  6. Woah dude... Not trying to make a political statement about designers. Just happen to know quite a few that would like it... Thanks for the info.. But seriously thats some major jumping down someones throat. "if you're basing it off" I didn't write a five paragraph essay on why I think that is so it was clearly a passing thought, you on the other hand made some serious assumptions and seem to have a serious chip on your shoulder.
  7. Is there a way to have a workflow that browses images in a specific folder of your computer and actually shows proper thumbnails of said images? I found this workflow that seems to be quite popular. http://destroytoday.com/writings/gif-workflow/ However unlike the giphy workflows (that do show a thumbnail) out there this one doesn't show a thumbnail while I'm using alfred's prompts. It seems like I'm stuck with slow speed either A because I have to query giphy or I have to quick look individual files to see what they are. As a designer I know many designers out there want this functionality. Any Ideas?
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