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  1. Agreed, but for now, opening that section on the remote device is a small amount of time compared to how much the remote buttons will save in an app you will likely use for a long period of time for creation. Have you created any of these kind of remote button schemes for common applications like word, powerpoint excel, Adobe Illustrator? Also would be nice if we could put an image or text (save file) in place of the command (apple S)
  2. As I think about Alfred Remote, I think workflows could be created that emulate the new touch bar on the macbook pros that just came out (Oct 2016). So instead of thinking of Remote as things you normally do with a remote (power point type functions) Think of it as buttons you can quickly press instead of having to use the mouse to go to Insert -> new slide. (example for power point creation) or Insert -> photo or perhaps there is a fast way to resize a photo to a maximum size to fit within a power point with ease. Click on a photo and have it resized with a press of a button rather than eye balling it with the mouse. Perhaps always putting an object in a particular location like headers and body. Automate tasks with a touch of a button that would normally require lots of mouse motions. This could be done in every application you commonly use to significantly speed up creation.
  3. If it were possible to simulate the same bar that is in the new macbook pros using the remote I suspect a lot of people would find that useful.
  4. Can you share this workflow. I am also interested. Be great if we could split the {query} input into {query}[1] {query}[2] etc based on spaces
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