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  1. Thanks for clarification, didn't know that, I've updated the blog post to reflect it. Still I prefer having passwords stored as encrypted files, if only for the sake of simplicity, truth be told the workflow meets about 95% of what i require from password management system so paying additional for the 1password didn't make sense to me.
  2. Hello all, I'm new here, but recently started using Alfred on daily basis. I've been having problems working with passwords so I've created my own workflow just for retrieving credentials through Alfred app for password store created with pass utility, the usage is pretty simple: just type p followed by a password phrase from your password store, then select matching entry and password will be copied to the clipboard. I've written short blog post about it @ http://blog.konradwasowicz.com/magical-passwords-and-how-to-wrangle-them/ . You can find ready to use workflow on my gith
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