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    The key bindings were also not present for me after I imported the workflow into Alfred.
    A quick diff between the downloaded version and my edited workflow shows no differences though. So this is not the fault of the author but some Alfred security/compatibility measure on import.
    You can edit this quickly yourself though:
    - Go into Alfred Preferences, select the Workflows tab, then find the Div workflow on the left side
    - Double click into each of the boxes titled "Hotkey"
    - With selection on the "Hotkey" textbook press for example (control) + (option) + (left)
    - Save
    - Repeat with next box
    The order is: Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Full-Screen, Medium-Size, Small-Size
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    Div — simple windows manager

    This is simple Alfred workflow to help you manage opened windows. It is simple (50 lines of applescript) but powerful tool. It allows you to create your own layouts, custom sizes and custom proportion.


    Some of the mac OS apps are non-scriptable which means they are not working very well with applescript. Fortunately "SystemEvents" can handle them really well. Few simple steps are required to enable Alfred's access to Accessibility tools.

    1. Open System Preferences
    2. Go to Security & Privacy
    3. Go to last Privacy tab
    4. On the left panel choose Accessibility
    5. Unlock access to preferences by clicking lock in bottom left corner and pass your password
    5. Click small `+` icon and add Alfred from the list.
    6. Done

    Other windows managers requires similar procedure. It is not related with Div only. If you use older operating system than El Capitan, have a look at great instruction on [Mizage website](http://mizage.com/help/accessibility.html).

    Download Div from Packal

    How to use
    I published a detailed instruction on my personal website. Have a look if you are keen to understand a full potential of Div.

    Choose predefined layout

    Simply type `div` in Alfred window and choose layout from predefined list.

    Custom bounds

    Choose custom bounds by passing 4 space separated values. For example `div 20 20 80 80` will place top left corner of an app 20% from top and 20% from left edge of a screen, and bottom right corner 80% from top and 80% from left edge of a screen.

    Custom size

    Choose custom size by passing 2 space separated values. For example `div 800 600` will resize your window to 800px width and 600px height and place the window on the middle of a screen.


    Use predefined settings and bind custom hotkeys to them to place window in common locations:

    - ⌃ ⌥ 1  Full
    - ⌃ ⌥ 2  Medium
    - ⌃ ⌥ 3  Small
    - ⌃ ⌥ ←  Left
    - ⌃ ⌥ →  Right
    - ⌃ ⌥ ↑  Top
    - ⌃ ⌥ ↓  Bottom




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