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  1. I experienced the same issue and I know the solution. This is what Alfred currently does: https://www.google.com/translate_t?text=elephant And this is what it should do: https://translate.google.co.uk/?text=elephant Looks like Google changed the URL and query params schema. Should be a quick fix on your end :) Thanks πŸ˜πŸ’¨
  2. Hi. On new macOS it works as expected. The only thing that possibly needs to be done, you need t give Alfred an access to accessibility control inside the "Privacy" tab on "Security & Privacy" Preferences section. Other than that it should work just fine.
  3. Hi. I noticed that since I added a support for multiple screens it takes a little bit longer for this workflow to do its job. It was expected tho. This workflow is built wit AppleScript and requires few calculations whenever you trigger the workflow. It needs to be aware of the screen size, how many screens, position of screens etc. On top of that it injects a NSScreen class from ObjectiveC macOS library β€” it takes some time to invoke it too. I am not macOS dev / AppleScript expert, but I will do my best to improve the performance of this workflow. if you have any hints how to measure a performance of particular function / method it would be very helpful. Native tools like BetterTouchTool etc. are built using compiles languages like ObjectiveC / Swift. It makes this apps very fast. Pros and cons. Div is just few kbs AppleScript workflow but performance isn't the best, BetterTouchTool is few mbs separated app but its very fast. Thanks
  4. Multiple screen support just landed. https://github.com/pawelgrzybek/div http://www.packal.org/workflow/div
  5. Quick update on multiple monitors support. I finally find a way to make this workflow speak to ObjC NSScreen class. It means that the support for multiple monitors is coming very shortly. I am currently on a business trip, but you can expect it before end of this week. πŸ‘Œ
  6. Ps. I am still working on support for multiple screens. It turns out it is harder than I thought to do it via AppleScript only.
  7. Hi. Just to let you all know, latest version of Google Chrome v69 introduces a big layout and window behaviour changes. I just updated Div to nicely handle these changes and keep your workflow smooth. I described more technical details on this Github issue. Updated version of a workflow: Div on Packal Source code on GitHub Enjoy using Div ?
  8. Hi. I have a hotkeys based workflow. I would like to export the workflow and preserve predefined hotkeys. Is there any way to do it? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi @mlondon 1. Go to GitHub repository page and click "Clone or download" button 2. Download .zip 3. Change file extension from .zip to .alfredworkflow 4. Double click on it 5. Done Be aware that some more complicated workflows come with local variables that are not carried over. The only way to have access to them is having a .alfredworkflow file generated by the author.
  10. O hi! I didn't expect that popularity of this little script! I can promise you guys that the support for multiple screens will come at some point very soon. Is there anything else that you would like to add to a workflow? I may reconsider some additional features as well. Have a great day you all ?
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