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  1. macOS Sierra 10.12.5 Alfred v3.4 [850] LibreOffice Alfreds clipboard history seems to interfere with LibreOffice. When clipboard history is enabled pasted text to LibreOffice will always be the last thing copied in LibreOffice. When Alfred is not running everything works fine. Disabling Clipboard history also seems to solve this. I can't reliably reproduce this. It always happens when I work with LibreOffice, but I can't pinpoint the exact event, that triggers this bug. One interesting observation: This also affects TextExpander snippets. Inserting any snippet will paste the same text that was copied from inside LibreOffice before.
  2. It would be nice to have an easy way to access the clipboard in a workflow. It's not that hard using script actions, but it would be nice to have an utility for that. I would suggest to add dynamic placeholders to the "Args and Vars" utility. This way we could not only access the clipboard with "{clipboard}" but also combine it with the current query or easily use date objects.
  3. jneug

    Slate Theme

    Hi everyone, thought I could share my theme. It's based on the Slate theme for TextMate by Wilson Miner. You can download it at github: https://github.com/jneug/alfred-theme-slate Screenshot:
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