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  1. That was exactly correct! I totally skipped it because it's a small button and there wasn't any visual indicator that blur was on. It is a little frustrating that a new, top of the line macbook pro can't run a blurred window without lag. What sort of computers is blur usable on? Either way, thanks a bunch for sorting it out! Everything is much smoother now. ?
  2. Hey there! Long time user, first time reporter. I got a new laptop recently and updated my theme to match. I noticed that for whatever reason, when typing into this theme, there was some input lag. That's weird, since I've never experienced that with any other theme. Just to verify, I swapped back to some defaults and other themes I made. Nothing else exhibited the same behavior. The theme is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5t1bvxv5glcn1ph/laggy_theme.alfredappearance?dl=0 I've attached my system specs (there's an AMD graphics card not shown). I'm using Alfred v3.4 [850], the most recent one. I realize this isn't the most helpful bug report to reproduce, so i'm happy to supply any other information you need. Thanks a bunch!
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