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  1. @Andrew I changed my hotkey and still saw some delay on some openings. (I should mention I'm on Catalina.)
  2. I'm still having this issue, and have been for I think six months or so. Siri hotkey is not set to the same as my Alfred hotkey. It sometimes takes about a full second for the Alfred input window to show up, and I often find myself typing my Alfred query into whatever text field I was previously in. Sometimes I hit the Alfred hotkey again because it's not showing up, which causes it to close as soon as it does appear. Any other reason it might be taking a second to open? I remember it used to be lightning quick.
  3. In Alfred, type "appid" followed by your ID. It will query Wolfram|Alpha to verify, then you can hit Enter to save.
  4. This is great! Would you mind adding this to Packal? Edit: I hope you don't mind, but I've taken your work and included it in my own repo, which tracks the source files from Tyler's first commit, and contacted Tyler to see if he will update it on Packal so that anybody using Packal updater will get this: https://github.com/jsit/alfred-wolfram-alpha
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