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  1. I apologize for any misunderstandings, but Alfred Version 3 has not yet been released to the public. "On the way" indicates that it is not yet finished — though you can bet Andrew and Vero are working like mad to get it out the door! To clear a few things up: The email you received was not malicious. In fact, giving you the opportunity to purchase the Powerpack at a 10% discount has saved you money Since you just purchased a Powerpack license, you will receive a free upgrade to v3 when it's ready. You have immediate access to Alfred 2 (which is already awesome) and a free license to use
  2. Screenshots would be very useful here. If you use Dropbox, you can share a link to the screenshots. Otherwise, Imgur is a decent service. Just paste the links if you don't feel like embedding them in your post.
  3. This is mostly in regard to results from Alfred's file search (the full path as shown in the subtext). Replace the path to the home folder with '~' Replace e.g. 'Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~Pages/Documents' with 'iCloud Drive/Pages' This would at least be a nice option to have. Paths for items on iCloud Drive paths are excessively long and not very readable.
  4. In reply to Dean: Your last explanation clicked for me Let me try to explain what I see between our two approaches: Tyler's: UI sugar on top of the already-available workflow capabilities (delimiters, submenus) Developer is in the same position as previously Script filters act statefully, using tab-delimited inputs to rebuild state for each execution Pros: Prettier UI Simpler to back out of an action (just remove the last entry from the stack) Cons: Stateful programming sucks Developers receive no real help with control flow Dean's: Send output directly to an (a.) action tha
  5. Yes, the method I proposed would require Alfred to remember and send the stack to the script filter. Currently, this task is handled manually via query chaining by workflow authors. I've seen quite a few workflows (like Carlos Recent Items workflow) using the ➣ character to separate the components of the hierarchy. The method I proposed eliminates the need for a special delimiter, as Alfred would handle the stack automatically. Based on how popular character-delimited hierarchy navigation is, I'd call this a net win for developers. Even if parsing is just as tedious (what with splittin
  6. What about a new value for the type attribute? Something like type="category". When actioned, the icon of the category is placed into Alfred's UI similarly to the way External Triggers do. Example of how it would work: User is activating a workflow that uses a script filter to drill into a folder structure to find a specific file User activates script filter with "drill alpha-folder" User selects item with: type: "category" arg: "/alpha-folder" icon: "alpha-icon.png" Alfred places "drill-icon.png" and "alpha-icon.png" into the left part of the UI (as occurs for External Tri
  7. Wouldn't it be better if delete were simply able to clear the External Trigger? Then you have the benefit of External Triggers (special UI, specifically designed for this use case, scoped specifically to workflow, prevents keyword collision with other workflows, etc.) and the ability to easily clear/cancel. I'm giving a -1 to keyword in the environment variable, unless there's a better example of how this could be generally useful Otherwise, good stuff. Would love to see more batteries-included workflow features
  8. Alfred's support page mentions it: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/contacts/#viewer
  9. Trash Workflow This should do what you want, except I chose 'trash' as my keyword instead of 'delete'. Hope this helps
  10. Chrome comes bundled with Flash built in.
  11. Glad to hear you resolved your issue! [moving to closed]
  12. Just to cover all the bases: have you already tried the suggestions in Troubleshooting Indexing Issues? If you haven't tried them all, which ones have you already attempted?
  13. I think you'll find this thread useful: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3942-script-filter-show-multiple-lines-for-each-item/?p=23485
  14. +1 Adding an 'update' keyword seems like an obvious and quick addition. I do love Chrome's auto-updating technique, just waiting until the next reboot to install updates. I don't know if that makes sense for Alfred, but it sure is convenient…
  15. Alfred does not support this. In order to paste the snippet into another application, Alfred needs to copy the snippet to the clipboard, which overwrites whatever was there before. If you're using clipboard history, you should be able to find the text you originally copied listed near the top. Then you can re-copy the text to your clipboard and paste it wherever you need it. Hope this helps!
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