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  1. Alfred's support page mentions it: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/contacts/#viewer
  2. Chrome comes bundled with Flash built in.
  3. Sure, you can edit the workflow to do this without much work on my end Basically, you're going to find the connection between a Run Script object and a Growl output. When you find this connection, simply add another connection between that Run Script object and a Copy to Clipboard output. On my end, the screenshot below does what I described above. If you don't want the Growl notification, simply delete the Growl object from the workflow
  4. I'll probably post the source code on GitHub at some point. Here's a quick look in the meantime: http://cl.ly/code/3a402k0D1s2v By the way, I'm not actually extending the codebase for Alfred's calculator. The workflow feels like an extension of the calculator because it is triggered by the same characters that trigger the normal calculator (i.e. 0-9 and +-). These keywords act as a bridge to the binary, which returns results very similar to Alfred's normal calculator. It's also very fast, mainly because it's written in C.
  5. This workflow extends Alfred's built-in calculator function. It recognizes durations as input and allows them to be added / subtracted. For example, if you type "8:00:18 - 4:19:23" into Alfred, you'll get "3:40:55". You may add or subtract as many durations as you like (e.g. "3:32:55 - 5:57 + 4:50:14"). Download Preview:
  6. After reading about your dilemma, I realized that I face the same issue on a daily basis. So I made a workflow that should cover our needs Download You can type 'sheet' and search for the file, or you can use the 'Send to Sheet' file action. When you send a file through this workflow, it will attempt to interact with the frontmost sheet. It will tell the sheet to load the folder provided, or the parent folder if a file is provided.
  7. This is possible without a workflow. Type 'C' into the search bar at the top left of the Workflows section of the Alfred Preferences. It will search hotkeys along with other fields like "Name" and "Creator"
  8. I took another stab at this deletion issue. Since David said the problem was related to the workflows.php class, I ported his code to Python (and added a few features). Download The workflow should 'just work'. If it doesn't let me know Changes: 'Remove from Favorites' file action added More flexible filtering using 'fuzzy' search 'Reveal in Finder' action Automatic removal of items that no longer exist on your system Automatic removal of duplicate items New icons
  9. Unfortunately, this tool is for Windows, not OS X
  10. Just to be clear, did you 'Restore' that email from Time Machine back onto your computer? The workflow won't find emails that aren't Mail.app's email folders. Welcome to Alfred
  11. Thanks for the input; I made one more minor change, to restore existing favorites lists. Here's the new download (also available in the original post)
  12. Try this download. I found that the workflow was using unset to delete items from an array, which messed up the indices. This version uses array_splice to remove items, thus reconstructing the indices and preserving the array. It also uses array_values to regenerate your existing favorites list, saving it as an array instead of an object. It's a small fix, but say the word if it works for you
  13. Yes, I have the latest version of the workflow; I just re-downloaded and installed it to make sure The issue did not appear until I switched from MAS Opera (12.15) to the latest Opera (previously 15.x, now 16.0.1196.62), from Opera's website
  14. This workflow doesn't seem to work with Opera 15 . Based on a few tests, I think the latest versions of Opera do not support AppleScript Cheers
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