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  1. It's been a while but I just released version 0.1.6, hopefully fixing most bugs. Thanks for the hint with unidecode @deanishe, I removed that dependency! Unfortunately, since the GitHub username changed, this is a manual update: https://github.com/otherguy/alfred-airports-workflow/releases/tag/0.1.6
  2. Thanks! It's a modified version of mapure (v2) by David Maciejewski.
  3. Generate Passwords https://github.com/otherguy/alfred-passwords-workflow A workflow for Alfred 3 that helps you to quickly and securely generate random passwords of any given length. By default, it generates both an alphanumeric password and a strong password, containing special characters. As a bonus, it also generates XKCD passwords with 3 and 4 words. Selecting the generated password copies it to the clipboard.
  4. 0.1.5 fixes an issue with the auto update. You will have to update manually to 0.1.5.
  5. Yes Version 0.1.4 supports ICAO codes as well!
  6. Alfred Airports Workflow https://github.com/otherguy/alfred-airports-workflow Get information about any airport in the world. Search by IATA code, country, city, etc. When hitting ⏎ Return on a selected item, the workflow tries to be helpful by opening either the airports website or its Wikipedia page if it has one. If it has neither a website nor an entry in Wikipedia, it opens the Apple Maps.app with the location of the airport. When holding down a modifier key, the action can be specified: Modifier Action ⌥ Open the website of the selected airport. ctrl Open the Wikipedia page of the selected airport. ⌘ Show the airports location in Maps.app
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