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  1. Background Hey everyone! I’ve created two workflows that allows you to search web pages. This is my first workflow, let me know what all I messed up Many thanks to @zetavg for some initial direction. Demand I’m searching for the great investor’s information recently, and put information in Zotero groups library: Zotero | Groups > OMlalala > Library The information include autobiography, the letter to shareholders, books(English version, Simplified Chinese version, Traditional Chinese version ), and etc. So, I have to repeatedly search from web pages like Google, wiki, amazon, valuewalk, and etc. Workflow With curiosity and excitement, I set two workflows. Installation: Github) Search investor in multiple webpages function: search investor’s information in English version and Traditional Chinese version usage: en + investor’s name example Search books in Amazon China function: search investor’s books in Simplified Chinese version usage: cn + investor’s name example: Thanks zetavg (Pokai Chang) for giving me an excellent example to work off of in his alfred-google-translate-workflow. Changelog 20170904 Version 1.0 Init
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