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  1. Thanks @Andrew for your excellent support, and @waitingforgo for your tests!
  2. Right @waitingforgo ! The problem is solved when I choose the theme "Alfred Classic" . Good catch! Still, I like the dark theme better though!
  3. If I minimise VLC window, the problem disappears. The problem is there with any theme selection "Compatibility Mode" set. Makes no difference Created new Test user. Same behaviour. Thanks,
  4. After the latest macOS Mojave update yesterday (10.14.6) when I activate Alfred bar through the cmd-Space shortcut and I have a VLC player window open, the bar itself is not clearly visible (but is functional) and visual artefacts (in purple colour) litter the screen. Please see https://imgur.com/qbpHd2g I don't know if it's the update, VLC or Alfred fault. But before the update, VLC and Alfred was working together without problems.
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