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  1. @DanJ if you do manage to reproduce this, please do let me know as this hasn't come up before.
  2. @DanJ hm very strange - the results are only ever updated on the event thread which would avoid race conditions, and symbolicating this stack gives me very little information as to why this is happening. I'll add some additional debugging in to see if there is ever a situation where something is being updated asynchronously when it shouldn't be. Cheers, Andrew
  3. @nikivi Hmm odd - But I'm not able to reproduce this. Would it be possible for you to share a super simple workflow with just the list filter in it exhibiting this issue so I can see it happening here? Cheers, Andrew
  4. @vitor the clipboard history can ONLY search by content as you don't assign keywords or titles to items like you do with snippets. When searching the clipboard history, snippets are shown before clipboard history items. When playing with this and making snippets match much wider, you got snippets almost always showing above clipboard history items when you didn't want them to be there.
  5. When this was first highlighted a while back, I did some basic research around performance and noise, and found it made the clipboard viewer quite a bit less useful for getting to your clipboard history results as you regularly saw unwanted snippets placed above history items. This is essentially why I kept snippets to keyword and title (think of the title as a kind of metadata or tags field which is also searched), which keeps the history search much more useful. While I'll unlikely change the clipboard viewer behaviour, I do have two new workflow objects planned - a Snippet Filter and Clipboard Filter, both of which will be decently configurable and will allow for both getting to snippets via their content, and also workflow based processing of these items. Cheers, Andrew
  6. @Keven the .alfredpreferences package within the Alfred 3 application support folder will be one left there at the point of setting up sync. Alfred doesn't delete this in case the initial relocation of the preferences goes horribly wrong. It's fine for you to delete this file if you have your sync folder set elsewhere.
  7. @natebeaty @deanishe thanks! this is some indispensable info which should help me get to a solution
  8. @deanishe which part is timing out? Seeing the change log in the update tab, or the actual update? The first part is hosted on our website, the second on cachefly - both should be lightening fast. If it's the download, what do you see for this:
  9. @deanishe thanks for spotting - just fixed this if you update to b849 pre-release
  10. @vitor I used the comma is because the middle of that sentence is optional... i.e. "To run a command without Terminal, use a Run Script action.". Anywhoooo, not spending any more time on this (well, apart from fixing the pre-release broken resizing of that config sheet)
  11. @deanishe it does say that in the very last subtext - I'll break that out to a separate paragraph.
  12. @vitor I'm reluctant to add niche features to Alfred, keeping him away from bloat. I'll keep this as a note for future consideration, but it may come in the form of adding a tick box in the Open File action, which means you'd still need to create a workflow of sorts.