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  1. Force Something to Show up in Search

    @jyoshimi if you update to 10.13.2, then these issues should be addressed. They were caused by underlying bugs in macOS 10.13. Here is a thread where I discuss this: Cheers, Andrew
  2. Alfred file search: sort by date?

    @cstsoi thanks for the update on this - the bug reports I had made to Apple were closed as fixed for 10.13.2, so it looks like the three issues I documented in our bug forum have now been fixed: Cheers, Andrew
  3. @Sridhar Katakam take a look at this workflow object: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/ You can set the argument as the currently selected text in macOS, then configure Alfred to either show with this, or to pass this into the workflow Cheers, Andrew
  4. @politicus the iTerm script is a little more involving than this, take a look at this blog post: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/better-iterm-integration-in-alfred/ Which links to some pre-baked iTerm scripts: https://github.com/stuartcryan/custom-iterm-applescripts-for-alfred Cheers, Andrew
  5. @Heydomdom I've quickly thrown together a workflow which achieves what you're asking for: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lbqsg4jhyrcw2f4/Google Stock.alfredworkflow?dl=0 You'll be able to edit the simple script to your liking Cheers, Andrew
  6. Initiate web search from Alfred 3 not working

    @Jim Wood Users have been reporting this as a Google Chrome bug after Chrome has updated in the background, where URLs aren't being opened (from any source, not just Alfred). You just need to relaunch Chrome. Cheers, Andrew
  7. @deanishe Alfred doesn't unsubscribe, but idles on the events, only acting on the grouped events when they become relevant (i.e. Alfred needs the changes). Alfred only subscribes to the top level Alfred Preferences file, not multiple paths, so this will be why there may be reload issues with symlinked workflows. I can see that Alfred needs these things: 1. Setting a workflow configuration variable, which will write the variable to the info plist. 2. Forcing a reload of a workflow, which will get Alfred to reload a workflow e.g. if a symlinked info plist is externally updated via github It pains me to say that, for now, this may be done through Alfred's AppleScript interface, as the framework for this already exists. I do have much bigger plans for the future for this area though.
  8. Alfred search location

    @effe2402 take a look in Alfred's Appearance > Options (bottom left button). There are a few options for where to show Alfred on the right hand side of that sheet: "Default Screen", "Mouse Screen", "Active Screen" Cheers, Andrew
  9. @deanishe sorry about the slow reply on this, I've been mulling it over for a while. It's a very unusual and unexpected situation to have the syncfolder variable set but for Alfred not to be using this sync folder (because the folder tree doesn't exist). There are a few reasons Alfred doesn't reset the syncfolder at the point the [folder tree to the] Alfred preferences don't exist (e.g. temporarily unavailability of external drive), and when this does happen, the behaviour is likely quirky anyway. It's hard to say how many people may be affected by me changing this behaviour, and removing syncfolder pref if the tree doesn't exist. I'll continue to mull
  10. File move fails in High Sierra

    @Jaap Noordzij I've just verified on our 10.13 test machine and it works as expected. Alfred uses AppleScript to pass file interactions off to finder, and an error like this suggests that AppleScript / OSAScript has simply stopped working on your Mac. Have you tried restarting? This may get things working again. Cheers, Andrew
  11. @deanishe I wonder why symlinked workflows take that long to update, I'd have to look into that. Alfred is fed filesystem notifications from macOS when there is an update Alfred should be aware of (this mechanism is also used for the syncing), and Alfred sets the grouping param to 5 seconds, so it shouldn't be any slower than this. I wonder if symlinked ones aren't even getting notifications at all, and it's an alternative mechanism (there are a few others) which is reloading the info plist at that time. I'll add a ticket and have a bit of a think into this Cheers, Andrew
  12. @Steve Ball thanks for giving this update! @iandol have you tried running with alt+space yet?
  13. Issue finding new files based on partial name

    This is now going to be tracked in this bug thread (beta build available), please add any further replies here:
  14. "Learning"

    This is now going to be tracked in this bug thread (beta build available), please add any further replies here:
  15. Alfred quits when entering a "." in the shortcut bar

    This is now being tracked in this thread: [moving to closed]