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  1. @zombieswontgetme This is to do with word breaks / non anchored based searching. After a change in the macOS metadata search server (about 4 years ago), hyphens are no longer treated as word breaks without overhead, and as Alfred uses word breaks in the default searches by design, the specific file search you are describing will no longer match in Alfred's default results. You have a few options with this: Add a * to do wildcard matching, so show Alfred and use "open *synthesis". Use spaces instead of hyphens in your filenames. Replace Alfred's default searches with workflow file search objects configured to not do word based matching. It's worth noting that Alfred uses highly refined word based queries, so while no.3 above will give you more results (perhaps more similar to Spotlight's results too), it will make the queries much more noisy and slower. Cheers, Andrew [Moving to discussion and help]
  2. Andrew

    Find results

    Alfred uses significantly more refined searches to find files, so you will see different results in Spotlight vs Alfred. A few examples of this: - Alfred separates searching within files to the 'in' keyword. - Alfred doesn't include the entire contents of your home Library folder by default Is there a specific file Alfred isn't finding which you are expecting? This may be a better place to get started if Alfred isn't returning the results you are expecting. Here is the help page for file search in Alfred for a bit more info, and some advanced options for navigating your file system: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/file-search/ Cheers, Andrew
  3. @thegriffinwells Not by clicking the hat in the menu, but if you drag Alfred to the dock, a single click on this will bring up Alfred's main search window. Having said that, Alfred really does work fastest when using the hotkey (alt+space) by default, as this way, your hands don't need to leave the keyboard to use the mouse. Cheers, Andrew
  4. Andrew

    1Password Integration

    @Dilapidus You'll need to delete the metadata cache from the location listed above for Alfred to look further and find the 1Password 6 data. Cheers, Andrew
  5. Andrew

    Alfred transparency issues, MacOS 10.14

    @thedave Is this happening with every Alfred theme, or just specific ones? If it's just a specific one, could you share this with me to take a look?
  6. Andrew

    Clipboard Viewer doesn't paste item

    @PavelDohnal This will be down to Alfred not having the required permissions in macOS Mojave. Take a look at Alfred's Mojave getting started guide: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/macos-mojave/ Specifically the Accessibility section. Cheers, Andrew
  7. @Druboi Could you please clarify what you mean as this could relate to more than one feature within Alfred? Some [annotated] screenshots would be perfect. Also, are you using the latest version of Alfred (3.7 b938)?
  8. @wwvuillemot I've just tested this on the latest macOS Mojave and it works as expected. Could you check that Alfred has been granted accessibility access, as this is required to dispatch key events: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/macos-mojave/ Cheers, Andrew
  9. @deanishe I've made a note to have a think about this - but that would then make the behaviour different if you were to migrate an internal to an external script. I do agree that with an external script, it makes sense to differentiate between no argument and empty argument.
  10. Looking back through my notes, I think the original reason it's like that is because argv came after {query} (which is just string replaced in the script) - An empty argument for {query} was always represented as empty string as there was no obvious or predictable way to string replace "not set" for {query}. I'll probably leave this as is.
  11. @deanishe interesting - I can see why this is behaviour (and predictable)... I'm not sure it would be wise to change this behaviour to not pass an argument as this may cause regression issues.
  12. That's correct, I was going to say they essentially launch in order but run in parallel but that's with caveats and can be misleading! Thanks for correcting me.
  13. There are a couple of issues with your workflow which which is why it's not working as you intend: 1. Having 3 separate streams coming out of a hotkey means these three streams are running independently of each other, the top one first, then the second, then third one down. I.e. in your example workflow, the file will be written 3 times. To run as a single flow, you need to chain the items in series. 2. Setting a variable in osascript is local to the script itself... so for example, "theTitle" will never be passed back into the Alfred workflow. For data to be passed back into Alfred, it has to be output from the script - you can then set the variable using the Arg / Var as you have done. (More advanced scripting allows you to pass JSON out of a script to directly set variables.) Add a Utilities > Debug workflow object connected to outputs of objects then use the little bug icon top right of the workflow editor to see what data is being passed around your workflow. This will help you work out where things are going wrong! Cheers, Andrew
  14. Ah yeah, my bad! I'll fix this in the next release. Alfred checks for permission once on startup and once when starting the snippet expansion. I'll be sure to check if the request is already visible to prevent the second one. Do you have an old version of Alfred hanging around somewhere? Alfred doesn't remove Alfred Text Service from the Accessibility area himself, it's the absence of the Alfred Text Service.app binary which causes this to happen automatically, and it's not included in the latest 3.7 pre-release. Cheers, Andrew
  15. @deanishe this is now fixed in the 3.7 pre-release. Let me know if it behaves as you would expect!