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  1. @dgbeecher which version of Alfred are you running? 3.3.1 should have addressed the full fuzzy match from word boundary when using "open with" and searching for applications.
  2. @dfay it's unlikely I'll add this to Alfred as it would involve quite a bit of fudging to be compatible. When you use a hotkey to select some text in Alfred, the source app still has focus so it's easy to generically get that app to copy the selection to the clipboard. Once Alfred has focus (i.e. you are typing a keyword into Alfred), this context has gone so it would involve using e.g. Accessibility access which the main Alfred app doesn't want, or AppleScript which is very much app specific. I do have some things planned for Alfred in the future which will make getting a text selecting into an Alfred Workflow more generic, but no details as of yet. Cheers, Andrew
  3. @matthew16 I agree about turning off unintelligent search. The best way to find files in Alfred is to use the file search mode: More specifically, prefixing your search with [spacebar] which is the shortcut for the open keyword. Once you've followed @Vero's advice on reindexing, this file search mode should work great alongside default searches which will include applications etc. Cheers, Andrew
  4. @dgbeecher you can actually do this without any configuration using the file selection hotkey under Features > File Search > Actions > File Selection. I have set this to alt+f. I select a file in Finder, hit alt+f which shows Alfred's action panel. You can select "Open With" from there Cheers, Andrew
  5. @user01 the searches you are referring to are the default fallback searches. You can leave all the web searches enabled (as these will only show when you use their keywords). To change the default fallback searches, use the "Setup fallback results" button under the Features > Default Results tab. If you set duckduckgo as your top default result, then you can type bang searches directly into Alfred Cheers, Andrew
  6. It seems like the app is fettling the key events or clipboard outside of Alfred's control, which would naturally get in the way of Alfred working as expected. Have you tried disabling that app and things work as expected?
  7. If you upgrade to the Powerpack, this is quite simply achieved with a simple workflow where you could take the typed arguments, use a transform to strip the diacritics, then open the URL Cheers, Andrew
  8. @anlek the default supported email clients are listed in Alfred's Features > Contacts > Email preferences. The email client needs to have AppleScript support for attachment support (the non-attachment email command uses mailto so can support a wider range of default clients using the mailto handler). [moving to help sub-forum]
  9. @kballard I am not doing extra work to normalise strings. I am using NSTask, and this is the documented behaviour of NSTask and Alfred, and works consistently across every way of running a script with Alfred. I do understand your problem. The workflow requirement @deanishe linked to is one corner case which currently not possible with Alfred's use of NSTask and the script filter. One possible workaround could be to use a keyword -> write file -> run script -> large type workflow instead which would allow you to write the typed argument to a file and then load that in the script to give the output to large type. It's possible that Alfred will offer stdin in the future, but this hasn't been required or requested often, so it's not high priority. I've attached this thread to the ticket. Andrew
  10. The point is, when using NSTask, you literally have no choice, macOS automatically normalises. When this first cropped up, I added options to force normalisation to allow the user to pick the normalisation type, and NSTask re-normalised and undid any changes. Any arguments passed to the script are normalised in the same way by macOS, and this is how Alfred / macOS has always worked. Alfred works consciously within these constraints to give consistent behaviour across all the different modes of running scripts in Alfred. Did you try using the normalise tool I provided? This should be able to set the normalisation to the type you need or require after being passed to your script. Also, swearing is NOT tolerated on this forum, I have edited your post to remove this. The community guidelines are here: Andrew
  11. I've never suggested this - I'm just trying to suggest solutions which work within the bounds and limitations of macOS and its metadata index which Alfred's file search and file filtering is built on. This is also why I suggested a possible alternative workflow object.
  12. Back when this first cropped up, I did quite a bit of research in this area, and the behaviour that Alfred has settled on is the outcome of that. Alfred keeps consistency normalisation between both {query} mode (whole script run as argument) and argv mode (script run as file with arguments passed) when running a script, which is why you're seeing the default NSTask's decomposition behaviour. At this time, I also wrote a small utility to help normalise strings: If you include this in your workflow itself, you should be able to run it directly like this: usage: ./normalise -form NFC ะน (You can add -verbose after NFC to see what is happening, or no arguments to see the options.) If you're not happy with what's happening above, you could try using a write file output object to write the script to a location complete with your {query} objects, and then use a run script to run that specific script. That would customise the behaviour, but you'd need to escape the {query} yourself. Cheers, Andrew [moving to Workflow help as the behaviour is Alfred is expected]
  13. @cygvis just type 'reload' into Alfred to clear the app cache [moving to help sub-forum]
  14. @deanishe these have content type 'com.netscape.javascript-source'. This is why I try to suggest creating file filters which have the file types you are looking for such as images, plain text etc (even replacing out the default file filters with ones with multiple types for general search). Then the node_modules folder doesn't need to be excluded. I've just spent the last few hours looking at the MDQuery API again, to find if there is a graceful way to exclude the e.g. node_modules folder, and there is still nothing I can do without loading tonnes of files first and subsequently filtering. One possibility could be that I provide an extremely open ended "advanced" file filter object which has e.g. the following fields: A raw metadata query with {query} placeholders. A regex to subsequently filter by path, allowing path matches to be rejected. A "Stop looking when x results have been found". It would have the caveat that with great power comes great uhhh potential slowness. Cheers, Andrew
  15. @deanishe What type of files are in the node_modules folder, and where do the node_modules folders generally exist?