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  1. @cdispoto If you open Alfred's Preferences to the help tab, then select troubleshooting, and run the file search troubleshooting, this should give a bit more info as to why a file or app can't be found in Alfred. Post the output from a failed run here and I'll take a look Cheers, Andrew
  2. @chris have you considered creating a workflow of multiple Keyword Input -> Open URL Action object pairs instead of using the Custom Web Search feature? This is essentially what built-in custom web searches are doing under the hood. If you set a bundle id on the workflow, then sharing a new version of your workflow with added or altered urls will update the currently installed workflow and also maintain any keywords people have altered within the workflow. Using this method will also retain the image you've set for the custom searches. Side note: In the O
  3. @Iskers if you use the open keyword, are they found? If not, I'm guessing they may be outside of Alfred's search scope. In Alfred 4, there is a File Search troubleshooter in Alfred's Help tab which should diagnose why these files aren't being found. Cheers, Andrew
  4. @Moira sorry for the delay in response here, pop an email to our info@ address and I'll give you a tool to download to migrate your v2 snippets into v4 Cheers, Andrew
  5. This is an interesting clue, are you sure the files in that /Sync/ path in your home folder are even local on your drive? Is Alfred working fine for files outside this folder, for example, if you copy the file which can't be found onto the desktop, is it found as expected? If it is, drag that file into Alfred's troubleshooting for a comparison of what a correctly indexed file looks like. Cheers, Andrew
  6. @jafish Alfred 4 has a built in file troubleshooting helper, if you could drag one of the files which isn't found into the Help > Troubleshooting > File Search Troubleshooting > Run Troubleshooting, then it should give you more info as to why it's not being found. Cheers, Andrew
  7. @Robsa Are you using Alfred 4 directly from our website?
  8. I've already reported this to Apple with a super simple non-Alfred based reproducible Xcode project. It's a Big Sur Beta 6 specific issue.
  9. @nikivi have you changed the scaling on your MacBook away from "Default for Display?" https://osxdaily.com/2016/05/23/increase-system-text-size-mac-os-x-scaled-resolution/
  10. @politicus you could easily achieve this in a workflow too, with something similar to this: Workflow example here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/baoaufr4o2kqiv6/Launch Terminal.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  11. This is something I'm aware of, and is down to a change in Big Sur which may no longer support this. I'm investigating alternatives.
  12. @nathanntg I haven't been able to reproduce this on Beta 6 - could you please try temporarily creating a new user account, switching to that user, and seeing if you get the hang there?
  13. @Elijen this also sounds like a hotkey conflict with cmd+space, take a look at the 3 items on this following page and disable them. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/cmd-space/
  14. I had to look back in the change log to find when this was added... It was added in Alfred 3.7.1, Build 946, Monday 17th December 2018 😆 While I'm not going to add an option to disable the colour preview, it's a fair point that the text moves. I will rearrange the preview in the next release to keep the text up the top left.
  15. @raguay.customct fair enough - why would Alto's Adventure have access to monitor your keyboard input at all times? Seems a bit odd / unnecessary. I'm sure this is an isolated issue on your Mac for Alfred though, and maintain that Alfred doesn't need to be in there. I'm certain if you were to create a new user account on your Mac, and try from there, Alfred would work in the Accessibility prefs like it is for others. I'm moving to Discussion and Help as you have a solution.
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