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  1. @tornado I forgot to add, now that you know what is causing this, it might be worth hitting "Reset" at the top of the scope list to add back in Alfred's defaults for things like preference panes etc
  2. @tornado Excellent - I'm glad you got to the bottom of this! These things are always tricky
  3. ctrl+click on the hat is now possible in the 3.1.1 pre-release
  4. This is now fixed in the 3.1.1 pre-release b804
  5. @Zork I have been playing around with the clipboard after text expansion and am seeing no issues with it. Instead of getting the clipboard content with AppleScript, have you tried setting the hotkey in your workflow to pass the clipboard content into your workflow? Then you can pass this into the AppleScript. Set the Argument to "OS X Clipboard Contents". Cheers, Andrew
  6. Have you tried fully resetting Alfred and running it as if it were a fresh install? This could possibly be caused with some corruption somewhere. Here are the instructions for resetting Alfred 3: (You can back those folders up before resetting). @tornado in your case, the sample you sent back in December points to your issue being a metadata related issue, and macOS is halting Alfred during attempting to set the query search scope. This call should return instantly but it's halting. You could try unticking "Include folders in Home", and removing all items from the search scope (except /Applications) from Alfred's Features > Default Results to see if that helps? Did you try a hard reset of your metadata including the option to delete the /.Spotlight-V100 folder? Cheers, Andrew
  7. @therockmandolinist Here is the site describing transients: Alfred ignores the clipboard if one of the data representations in the clipboard is of type "org.nspasteboard.TransientType". Cheers, Andrew
  8. @Zork try using "(the clipboard as text)" instead of just "(the clipboard)" The clipboard contents can contain multiple data items, including rich text, images etc, all within a single clipboard entry. Specifying getting the clipboard as text will ensure you get the plain text version.
  9. Alfred 3.3 now has this option in the Alfred's advanced prefs - set Selection Hotkeys to "Restore previous clipboard item". Cheers, Andrew
  10. @dennis.a the typographical one is 10.9 specific as the font was wider and macOS wasn't correctly adapting the field length. These are odd ones to spot as we very rarely boot up 10.9 so thanks for that Cheers, Andrew
  11. @deanishe if you create a folder called Andrew's Folder! on your desktop and copy it from Alfred, you'll see it's copied literally as shown (which can then be used e.g. for a cd in bash). What's happening is the entire path is wrapped in single quotes, then the single quote before the backslash is the end of the string literal, then it's adding a single quote with \', then it's adding the end of the path as a string literal in single quotes. There are alternative ways this could be escaped, i.e. '/Users/preppeller/Desktop/Andrew'\''s Folder!' /Users/preppeller/Desktop/Andrew\'s\ Folder\!/ ... but many years ago, when this was first done, there was a reason I went with wrapping the entire path in single quotes. I think it may have been to do with UTF8 characters, but don't quote me on that. Cheers, Andrew
  12. @dennis.a It looks like you've actually spotted a bug - if you have fuzzy set to "Fuzzy capital letters" in Alfred's Advanced prefs, this works as expected, but when set to fuzzy from word boundary, the behaviour doesn't match the default results as intended. I'm going to move this to the bugs forum and have it fixed for the next release Cheers, Andrew
  13. @Brandon Yap As far as I've looked, Apple don't give API (or shell) access to this method of locking, so it won't be included in Alfred by default. The way I lock my computer is to set the screensaver to require password on return, then use the sleepdisplays or screensaver commands in Alfred. You could even change the keyword of one of these to 'lock' in Alfred's System Command prefs. Cheers, Andrew
  14. @zachx08 There are a few ways you could do this. Firstly, if you are using the "Launch Apps / Files" action, there is a checkbox at the bottom which toggles visibility. This will allow you to, for example, have one hotkey connected to this action with a single app, then use the hotkey to toggle between the app showing and hiding. Alternatively, you could use some AppleScript to hide or minimise specific apps in the "Run AppleScript" action, e.g. Hope this helps Cheers, Andrew
  15. @jaywang this folder shouldn't be indexed unless there has been a quirk in the macOS metadata index. Perhaps try typing 'reload' into Alfred to flush the caches. If this doesn't work, try rebuilding the macOS metadata index using the shortcut in Alfred's Advanced preferences. Cheers, Andrew