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  1. @iApple try moving your mouse a bit further left or right of the Alfred window in the theme editor, see the highlight here:
  2. @haran this is a Powerpack only feature - could you please fill in the Powerpack email address field (this isn't publicly visible) in your forum profile and then I can help you out
  3. @Chq This will be very easy with a simple workflow. Assuming you have Music.app, Install this workflow and set the hotkeys you'd like on the two hotkey triggers. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yslwh1b3rvzozxj/Skip Music.alfredworkflow?dl=1 If you have and older OS and iTunes, you'll need to edit the two Run Script actions and change "Music" to "iTunes". Cheers, Andrew
  4. @Michal Bryxí have you added com.google.gsheet to Alfred's default results? You can do this in Alfred's Features > Default Results > Advanced. Having said that, I find that It's best to keep Alfred's default results as focused as possible, and use the file search mode for searching files. This is particularly important when you start using more features and workflows within Alfred, and will prevent the results from becoming noisy with files.
  5. @Michal Bryxí The troubleshooting you provided shows that there is missing metadata, therefore macOS is not properly indexing this volume. Is Spotlight finding this file? If so, does Alfred's file search mode find the file (using the spacebar prefix, or open keyword).
  6. This isn't a widespread issue, but I am still really keen on fixing it... so as much info as possible would be handy, and if anybody else is experiencing this issue, if they could also help by providing any kind of hint if things they may have installed which could be the underlying or root cause. Thanks, Andrew
  7. @Papep0r thanks! For anybody else experiencing this issue, this is now generally released
  8. @Papep0r I made a change this morning which fixes this issue in 11.3 - if you update to the Alfred 4.3.4 b1228 pre-release from Alfred's update prefs, then this should be fixed. Please let me know!
  9. I know the test flight version expires, but I'm not actually sure what happens after this point. It's not a paid upgrade, but I'm not sure if the TestFlight one will get automatically replaced with the App Store version. I'll have a think about this - remember that you don't need to swipe over, you can tap on the page directly in the navigation.
  10. Alfred doesn't modify the Spotlight index in any way, just uses it in the same way Spotlight would do. Have you tried doing a full reindex of your Mac, as this can usually flush through issues like this? Alfred has a shortcut to run this macOS action in Terminal.app, take a careful read of #5 here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/#rebuild In particular, you may find that fully deleting the .Spotlight-V100 folder may help. Cheers, Andrew
  11. @Trey if you create a simple workflow File Filter with the scope of that filter set to this specific folder only, is anything found? Alfred does queries to the macOS metadata, but the top level query can be quite complex to refine the results to your specific configuration. Creating a file filter will create a much more targeted and simple filter over the macOS metadata. Perhaps also try fiddling with the file filter to narrow down file types to see if you can work around what is happening under macOS' hood.
  12. @Trey Could you try popping a brand new simple text file in that folder and see if it is found? (leave it a few mins to index). That will at least see if that folder is being indexed at the moment. Also, are you using Alfred's file search mode (by spacebar prefixing your Alfred query)?
  13. Regardless, this is the first time that this has been highlighted, so while I can see that there is the possibility of additional configuration, as always, it's unlikely that a change in behaviour, or a new option will be added unless this becomes a popular request. Sequential snippet expansion is different to mid-string expansion.
  14. Alfred internally has a URL scheme to open the preferences to certain pages, sometimes used by the ? keyword. I'm reluctant to make this a public accessible feature as this makes it significantly more tricky to make changes in the future for something which won't be used much. Having said that, in my wider plan, I do have some ideas written down to make a configurable user-facing "preferences" per workflow which would show when installing a workflow.
  15. Perhaps the option is poorly worded, but it's not related to the [corner] case outlined here. There are very many times where I want to expand snippets sequentially, i.e. 3 snippet keywords in a row... however, I don't want snippets to expand mid typing a word. This option will prevent a snippet with keyword 'ana' from expanding when typing banana, however it won't stop me using keyword 'ana' directly after using another snippet, regardless of what that other snippet's content. It's worth noting that all the keyword examples used in this thread actually go against the r
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