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  1. Andrew

    Icons are not showing properly

    Thanks to @szymon_k's information via email, it highlighted something I'd missed from the metadata output posted on the previous page. The kMDItemContentType for applications missing their icons was "com.apple.application-file" and not the correct "com.apple.application-bundle". The UTI defines that "com.apple.application-file" is for an Application file (traditionally older single-file carbon based apps), and not modern Application Bundles (multi file packages as you'd see for all modern applications). This is undoubtedly a bug hiding somewhere in Mojave, and something which seems to resolve itself over time. All is not lost though... I've just put 3.7.1 b944 pre-release which works around this Mojave bug, so the icons will be shown and the apps will be cached by Alfred! You can update to the latest pre-release in Alfred's Update preferences. Cheers, Andrew
  2. Andrew

    Workflow Delay not actually delaying

    @Patrick Burleson Yielding execution means if there are multiple streams coming from one object, the next stream down will continue while the first one waits. If you take a look at the Workflow Editor > [+] > Getting Started > Stream Order, it will explain how stream execution order works, including delay. If you share your workflow, it'd be easier to see what's going on Cheers, Andrew
  3. @Magto the learning is based on the currently typed phrase, not just how many times you've selected it. For example, if you're selecting 'Energy Saver' when typing 'sa', then Alfred will never present 'Safari' at the top for the same keyword 'sa', even if it's you're most selected app when 's' is typed. To clarify, Alfred latches the typed phrase in Alfred's window to your selected result with that typed phrase.
  4. Andrew

    firefox bookmark search

    The bookmarks feature is a complimentary (free) feature in Alfred, and it's not even mentioned on Alfred's homepage or the Powerpack page. We are very careful when picking features to include in Alfred's core (instead of an extension in the form of a Workflow), there is significantly more time consuming research and due diligence than we ever talk about publicly. A few reasons Firefox hasn't been brought into Alfred's core are: 1. The low number of Firefox users (actually less than the 5% dean quotes) who use Alfred. 2. No public API for Firefox bookmarks, meaning a hacky approach would be required. This inevitably leads to increased maintenance effort to keep the feature working. 3. Firefox has complete overhauls every so often, rebranding, and re-launching. Alfred can't support this kind of nuance. This is not to say that Alfred will never natively support Firefox, but at this point in time, it's not a good fit for Alfred's core... Especially when there are a number of workflows which can satisfy this feature.
  5. Andrew


    Remove /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications from Alfred's Features > Default Results > Search Scope, then type 'reload' into Alfred to clear the cache. Note that if you remove all items from the scope like in the original screenshot, Alfred will default to scope 'all', which will include Core Services. Also, you won't be able to exclude Finder, even though it's in Core Services as this is included regardless. Cheers, Andrew
  6. This seems reasonable, and is only a single character change in the regex
  7. I'm still waiting on Apple to fix this - Spotlight in 10.12 crashes these days unless you untick the "Bookmarks & History" option in the Spotlight prefs. You can also crash Finder by trying to quicklook a webloc file. It's fixed in newer iterations of macOS, but I'm starting to think Apple won't back fix this.
  8. Andrew

    1Password Integration

    @tullyhansen Alfred has legacy support for older 1Password versions, so this could be down to misidentification of the 1Password version you're using, as if Alfred sees you as using 1Password 7, then the newer style URL scheme should be used. Alfred extracts the CFBundleShortVersionString in 1Password's package and I'm guessing that "7.2.2.BETA-3" might possibly be causing a misidentification if 1Password is using the CFBundleShortVersionString instead of the CFBundleVersion for this value. FWIW, Apple define this as the following, which doesn't include string text such as BETA: I'll take a deeper look into this later today. Note: It could ALSO be that you have lots of older versions of 1Password on your Mac which are being seen as the valid version of 1Password to use. Cheers, Andrew
  9. Alfred still has the focus compatibility mode in Appearance > Options, but it's very rare that compatibility mode is needed these days (if you're up to date with macOS). Setting this option to "Compatibility Mode" in Alfred will make Alfred the front most (focused) application in macOS while Alfred's window is visible.
  10. It could be that one of the apps that you have installed is defining that JS files to be of type public folder, and even rebuilding the launch services database won't fix things because of whichever app this is. The first answer on here gives more info to save me typing more about this: https://superuser.com/questions/263311/on-os-x-how-do-you-change-a-files-kind If you could work out which app it is and delete that app, you may have more luck when trying to re-associate these files.
  11. Andrew

    Databases Overwritten on Start

    @byamabe it's worth adding that if you are referring to the snippets.alfdb database being overwritten at startup, this isn't where the snippets are sourced from. They are sourced from inside the Alfred.alfredpreferences package, and the snippets.alfdb database is a temporary store which is created for Alfred to access the snippets more efficiently.
  12. @scalefree The message on that page wasn't quite right, I've just updated it to be more relevant. You should still apply the fix as it sounds like you are using workflows which have an old version of the alfred-workflow library.
  13. Andrew

    Alfred not opening after reinstall

    @thoughtbox when you reinstalled your Mac, did you do a fresh install, or just reinstall over the top of the old OS? If the latter, this can cause more problems than it's worth. As the screenshot you provided mentions accessibility, try removing any references of Alfred from the macOS Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy section, as this may have become corrupt. Also could you try creating a new user account on your Mac, switching to that user and trying Alfred from there? Cheers, Andrew
  14. @Fr. you can do pretty much exactly this with (no.3) a workflow using a File Filter object, configured something like this:
  15. @iconoclast Alfred doesn't do anything odd when running things, and doesn't take a copy of external scripts as you theorise. I suspect that this is more of a consequence of how Mojave organises and caches permissions. For example. after Alfred requests the process of allowing permissions himself, he has to restart himself manually for those permissions to take effect. I'm not entirely sure there is anything I can do to fix this from Alfred's side, but I suspect that as Apple refines the (relatively new) permission architecture, things like this should become more streamlined. Cheers, Andrew