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  1. @deanishe I'll see what's possible for 4.1
  2. It sounds like we need some way to call a Keyword Input directly from external AppleScript (via some sort of id, and providing an argument). This would allow Alfred to make that Input unique (much like pressing return on the result placeholder for that input, and the other results are removed), while populating the keyword and provided argument for the history.
  3. Re-running a workflow based on a keyword is also fragile, as there may be multiple Inputs with the same keyword, and you'd get unexpected results (i.e. multiple workflows running on calling back for that keyword). It's better to use an external trigger wired into the Keyword Input and call back on that instead which takes you directly into the keyword you want by specific identifier.
  4. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/mdls/ I've changed the title and am moving this to discussion and help. Cheers, Andrew
  5. @nikivi if you take out the net.daringfireball.markdown file type, is the file being found? The underlying metadata could be broken.
  6. @vitor I just replied to the linked thread. It's unlikely that I'll update Alfred to treat invalid items as anything other than invalid, but I've offered a workaround. I'm gonna move this thread to workflow questions instead of closed, as it's interesting knowledge for others.
  7. @vitor one way you could achieve this is make sure all items in your Script Filter have a UID, and make them all valid. Make a connection out of the Script Filter into a Junction, then configure the connection between the Script Filter and Junction to not close Alfred's window (you'll get a square instead of circle on the connection): This way, you actually WILL be actioning the items, but Alfred's window won't close. The next time you show Alfred, the selection will be taken into account when sorting the items. Cheers, Andrew
  8. @bmazin thanks for the detailed reproducible cases, could you please update to the 4.0.9 b1143 pre-release and let me know how you get on! Thanks, Andrew
  9. @40-02 Could you please update to the 4.0.9 b1143 pre-release, I believe I have a workaround to this
  10. The focused app variable actually represents the currently focused app in the instant just before Alfred is shown with the custom hotkey. If the focused app variable was arbitrarily available at any point while the workflow is running, it would almost always return Alfred as being the currently focused app.
  11. @Jasondm007 for now, you could use the focused app variable, and a conditional to only press left if com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred is the front most app, a bit like this: Everything you suggested isn't just a "simple fix" as any behavioural changes would have to be consistent with macOS and throughout Alfred's various input fields, and it would inevitably cause regression, or change of behaviour for another user who may have relied on doing something the same way for years based on something we may have overlooked here. Remember that the use case you have suggested (e.g. arrow down = you don't want the selected text any more) fails to cover another case of a user manually selecting some text, then arrowing down "just because", but still wanting to keep their text selection for copy. This user may not even be showing the last typed query, so it would be inexplicable behaviour. Another possible change could be something like an option to only keep the last query text highlighted for e.g. 1 to 2 seconds after showing Alfred, then move the caret to the right automatically. This would achieve a couple of things, it would give a user enough time to "type over" the query, or shortly after to amend the query. It would also, without changing selection behaviour, keep the Selected Text / Copy paradigm without regression, while working with your workflow. Again, this hasn't come up before, so I'm very wary of making any changes in this area.
  12. Hmm I'm going to have to investigate why I made it AppleScript only in there, it may just be a completely legacy thing. I'll add a note, and if there is no significant reason, then I could likely add in arbitrary scripting.
  13. @deanishe I understand that... and thought I had conveyed why in my reply in the 3 bullets. His hotkey takes the Selection in macOS (arbitrary selection); When text is selected in Alfred's search field, THAT is what is copied to the clipboard when you use ⌘C (which Alfred uses for selection in macOS).
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