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  1. @deanishe no timescale yet, as I'm still adding stuff... possibly within a week or two though!
  2. System > Lock opens "Sequel Pro.app"

    @bertg there is no way of Alfred knowing if this behaviour has been overridden (other than if you are doing it directly within Alfred with a workflow). From High Sierra and onwards, trying to type this combo to set as a hotkey in Alfred will be intercepted by macOS and your Mac locked, so this will prevent people from accidentally setting this combo. It's likely that this combo was set on your Mac before High Sierra? As for finding what is launching this - check your Alfred workflows for a hotkey linked to a launch app. Do you also have any other keyboard or automation related 3rd party apps installed you can check? It's unlikely that I'll be changing dispatching this combo back to the old behaviour, as the pre-10.13 way of locking now causes macOS High Sierra to hang.
  3. @lemikeone are you experiencing this with any other images from other sources? Alfred asks the clipboard if there is data of type NSTIFFPboardType, then creates an NSImage image out of this data. I'm wondering if Snagit is providing multiple data types, but incorrectly populating the NSTIFFPboardType. Cheers, Andrew
  4. This is now fixed in the 3.6.1 pre-release. I've newly written Alfred's CSV parser to adhere to RFC 4180, and will create a document page to cover how Alfred deals with the ambiguities surrounding quoted lines with significant leading spaces. Essentially, for a line to be quoted (allowing for newlines and commas), the " needs to be either at the very beginning of a line, or directly after a comma. If there are spaces after a comma then a ", this field is not treated as quoted, and any " marks are treated as literal. I spent some time looking at how some of the online CSV parsers (differently) dealt with this specific ambiguity, and felt that this way best covered all bases As mentioned earlier, Alfred's CSV parser never discards significant spaces, but the List Filter subsequently trims the title and subtitle fields. Cheers, Andrew
  5. This is now fixed in the 3.6.1 pre-release.
  6. @deanishe This is now fixed in the 3.6.1 pre-release
  7. @s4nji sorry for the slow reply on this. I've now re-written Alfred's CSV parser so this should now work as expected in the 3.6.1 pre-release. Let me know how you get on! Cheers, Andrew
  8. @vitor Alfred will still be trimming certain stuff after importing regardless of the CSV, such as the title and subtitle (because that makes sense, and Alfred generally trims where sensible), but the arg would not be trimmed as that's more significant.
  9. I'm currently updating Alfred's CSV importer to adhere to RFC 4180 which is pretty well summarised on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values What's interesting is that in @vitor's original post here, he added spaces around the fields which are supposed to be significant (and likely will be in Alfred's updated CSV importer). In that wiki page, it says that some importers trim fields, and where spaces are significant, the fields should be quoted. I feel this may suit Alfred's purpose better, but then this deviates from the RFC 4180 spec. Any thoughts? Cheers, Andrew
  10. System > Lock opens "Sequel Pro.app"

    @bertg From Alfred 3.6, the lock command simulates ⌃⌘Q to lock your Mac with High Sierra installed (the new macOS system wide shortcut). If you have Alfred (or another app) overriding this key combination to launch Sequel Pro, then when Alfred dispatches this combination to macOS assuming it will lock your Mac, the combo will be intercepted and diverted to whatever is overriding it. I suspect this will be what is causing the unexpected behaviour in your case Cheers, Andrew
  11. Multi-line regex replace issue

    Sorry about the slow reply on this. I've now had a chance to look into what is happening. Alfred is using NSRegularExpression which treats \ in the replacement template string as a literal, and it looks like it's just being stripped in the replacement. See Table 3 here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/foundation/nsregularexpression?language=objc If you were to actually put a new line in the replacement (i.e. instead of using \n, use alt+return), then it works as expected. Cheers, Andrew
  12. @Tsunami thanks, I'll get this fixed in the next release. I'd forgotten to connect that button up to the editor text view, so while it was "working", it didn't know where to insert the text Cheers, Andrew