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  1. Alfred's built in search works as designed (less noise), so the behaviour you are seeing is correct. You have control over file search behaviour if you use a file filter in a workflow. For example, to arbitrarily search keywords, you would use something similar to this: You can add in other fields if you want to search by e.g. display name also. Here is more info on using file filters: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/file-filter/ Cheers, Andrew
  2. This is usually down to Alfred's preferences not being available when Alfred starts. Have you set Alfred's preferences to be in a different location to standard, for example an external volume or a mapped drive? Cheers, Andrew
  3. Alfred fully relies on standard Apple APIs to obtain the key code / key mappings which are used when simulating key combinations. I've added a ticket to look into this more deeply, but I can't promise any timescales as this is the first time it's come up and it has to be treated as a corner case. Cheers, Andrew
  4. I am well aware how useful a generalised "Keep Alfred Open for a bit" would be, and do have some internal notes on this already. Any change like this would be a holistic change within the framework, so would be quite involving. Either way, it's on my radar.
  5. Please do not exclusively lock Alfred's databases, as this will have a severe impact on Alfred's ability to operate normally. Cheers, Andrew
  6. @politicus does 4.0.4 fix the issue for you?
  7. @deanishe if you update to 4.0.4 pre-release, this limit has now been raised
  8. @craig this should now be fixed in the 4.0.4 b1098 pre-release
  9. @deanishe Hmm, looking into this, I had set an arbitrary limit many years ago. This may have been to work around an old macOS (performance?) bug, but I don't seem to have logged why I set this limit. I'm going to increase it to 4096 for now, and add a ticket to do some proper investigation into this. Cheers, Andrew
  10. @deanishe If I paste in a URL created from the "Copy URL for sharing" sheet of a custom url, Alfred offers to install it. Can you find a situation or configuration where this isn't happening? I'll take a look at fixing it as this should work.
  11. Alfred should discover the correct combos / key codes per keyboard layout used. I've just tested with a few obscure built-in Apple layouts with Alfred's internal logging running and Alfred adapts accordingly. There is a chance that being a custom layout, Bépo may have an underlying mapping issue. We also can't discount that Apple's custom keyboard layout handling could be iffy. Cheers, Andrew
  12. @dfay could it have been the bleep bloop you get when there is a notification or message on the forum?
  13. @AutumnAdrift Alfred now matches the standard macOS (Finder) behaviour: Holding the option key will perform a copy action. Dragging to an external volume will perform a copy by default Cheers, Andrew
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