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  1. @millerstevew Alfred doesn't trim the name data from the Address Book API, so there will be either a space for a middle name in one of these contacts, or a trailing space. I will make a quick change for 4.1 to trim the whitespace from names which will fix this in Alfred's contact viewer. It will also fix it in Alfred's default results mode if using the default mode of not using the Spotlight index to find contacts. Interestingly, while testing this, Contacts.app was extremely awkward (buggy) in letting me remove a middle name, insisting it would stay as a single space (this may be where your issue stems from), and Spotlight showed this middle space in my contact name too. Only after perseverance, I managed to remove the middle name space. it's probably best you try to fix these contacts Cheers, Andrew
  2. @lilyball try configuring the hotkey object to wait until the modifiers have been released:
  3. @briansurg Welcome to the forum! Could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile before asking questions relating to Powerpack-only features? Cheers, Andrew
  4. @combinatorial I'm not seeing any unusual behaviour with this. I suspect there is a hotkey conflict or issue on your Mac causing something to still have focus (e.g. Spotlight). You could try one of the two following things: Change Alfred's hotkey back to the default alt+space and see if the behaviour is normal Check the cmd+space troubleshooting to make all listed macOS features are disassociated with cmd+space: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/cmd-space/ Cheers, Andrew
  5. @sub_o This is a side effect of Alfred being resilient in keyboard layouts which can change depending on the keyboard selected. Alfred keeps the character typed and looks up the code where relevant. Unfortunately, in your case, Alfred is looking up the top row numbers. I'm going to treat this as a bug, as Alfred could really treat the numpad keys as special keys. I'll move this thread into the bug forum, but it's not going to be fixed for 4.1 which is now code complete. Cheers, Andrew
  6. @mtalio could you please update to the 4.1 pre-release which has added in a file indexing troubleshooter. Once installed, navigate to Alfred's Prefs > Help > Troubleshooting > File Search Troubleshooting > Run Troubleshooting, and drag in one of the files which can't be found. This should give an indication as to why files can't be found. Cheers, Andrew
  7. @willnapier Thank for buying the Powerpack! For Full Disk Access, you'll need to add this manually in the relevant macOS System preferences by pressing the [+] button and dragging Alfred in. For automation, macOS will ask you for permission when and where it's needed Cheers, Andrew
  8. @raguay.customct Which feature are you referring to? If you're talking about sorting in Alfred's File System navigation, and showing Folders at the top, this was added as a 4.0 feature. The bugs forum is the right place for any issues you find with Alfred, but this is more of a feature request than something which belongs in the bug forum.
  9. @psifertex The first thing to try is to keep your settings backed up and safe, and reset Alfred to see if things work with a default set of settings. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/reset-alfred/ Once things are up and running, I'll help you get it working with your synced prefs. Cheers, Andrew [Moving to discussion and help]
  10. @tullyhansen and... oops, that should read {snippet:} in the change log
  11. 4.1 pre-release b1164 is now available which addresses the issue @nyc2cal was experiencing. Essentially, the Arg/Var utility was passing through an array of files from the selection, instead of a tab separated string (pre 4.1 behaviour). His run script was processing a tab separated array of ARGV[0], instead of an ARGV array. The Arg/Var now has the pre-4.1 behaviour, but with the addition of a checkbox to pass through the argument unprocessed, so you have the choice.
  12. As Dean points out, this is a bug in Catalina
  13. @krusnof so you're saying Alfred is now working?
  14. @krusnof the first early beta of Big Sur was released only a few hours ago, I wouldn't recommend anybody installing it yet unless you absolutely HAVE to. This is the first time we also have access to it, so we will be installing it and working towards getting Alfred prepared in due course. Cheers, Andrew
  15. @nyc2cal It should work fine with multiple files, under what scenario are you seeing this not work as there may be a bug in the beta? For example, If I create a simple workflow which is a Hotkey Trigger which takes the selection in macOS, and wire this directly into an Action in Alfred... then select some files in finder, and use my hotkey, I see both files in the actions panel.
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