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  1. Andrew

    Problems accessing "Left" application

    It's worth mentioning that when you type 'Reload' into Alfred, this clears the Application cache and doesn't actually trigger Alfred to reindex them. Any Applications should be found instantly after this, and if they aren't, there is something up with the macOS metadata index.
  2. Andrew

    Problems accessing "Left" application

    Hey there, I'm actually still up fiddling with a few 10.14 things None of the troubleshooting steps we suggest (or @deanishe has suggested) will disable your spotlight server, or give you the lower level errors you describe. It sounds like the issue started before you even tried to troubleshoot, and this is why "Left" wasn't found by Alfred (or Spotlight). This could be related to using the macOS Beta, worse things have been know to happen with the macOS metadata index. I think your best bet would be to unload and reload the metadata index. Pop these two commands into Terminal: sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.metadata.mds.plist sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.metadata.mds.plist Then try rebuilding the macOS metadata index using the shortcut in Alfred's Advanced preferences. Be sure to select to delete the /.Spotlight-V100 folder as this will clear out any corruption (which is usually a cause of a systematic failure of the metadata index). Hope this helps! Cheers, Andrew
  3. Andrew

    Saving a Hotkey quickly changes the Hotkey

    @deanishe We sometimes see quirky behaviour from users with Logitech keyboards down to the driver. I'll move this to noted for now.
  4. Andrew

    Saving a Hotkey quickly changes the Hotkey

    @deanishe I'm trying to reproduce this and can't, Alfred should cancel listening for double taps with each alternative key pressed... for example, in the hotkey field, if I quickly type ⌘D ⌘S, then the D should have cancelled out the ⌘ becoming a second tap. Is there a specific combo sequence I can use?
  5. So as far as I can tell... Alfred's 1Password 7 integration works as long as 1Password is already unlocked otherwise nothing happens. If they are using Google Chrome which is launched but has no windows open, using the 1Password URL scheme yields nothing. I've fed this back to 1Password, so hopefully we can see a fix for this asap! Note, I've done Alfred 3 b918 pre-release today which I'm hoping will be compatible with any fixes 1Password will make to resolve this! Cheers, Andrew
  6. @charlie-brise I've just been playing with this again, and it looks like 1Password needs to be unlocked for it to act upon its new 1password: URL scheme - I'll send them another email!
  7. Andrew

    Alfred results sorting based on usage

    @deanishe is the item you're trying set to no argument? Also, do you have latching setup or not in Advanced? It's worth remembering that under the hood, everything is essentially a workflow, and Alfred doesn't treat built in results any differently to user workflows. When there is no knowledge, Alfred will default to a small handful of built-in annotated system workflows (i.e. features > default results), then user workflows, then all other built-in features, which are also workflows. If Alfred is reluctant to rank one of your workflows above built-in results, can I get a concrete example of that in your case @deanishe? This may help me work out why it's working as expected for me, but reluctant for you.
  8. Andrew

    Alfred results sorting based on usage

    @sfsdfd Alfred will latch your usage - I have done a super simple test and within one attempt, Alfred now shows this for keyword 's': This will now remain latched at the top until I choose to latch something else to the keyword 's' by selecting a different result a few times. This simply wouldn't work. What if, in your case, you had a workflow with keyword 'f' but you actually wanted to launch Firefox? Alfred HAS to use knowledge to present the most relevant result otherwise you'd wonder why (or complain that) Firefox wasn't matching at the top. This is how Alfred has always worked, and will continue to work into the future. The latching option allows you to choose between hard latching the specified keyword to a result extremely quickly (and re-latching if you change your mind), or if you disable this option, it will be based on your overall usage over a rolling month or so. If you want to run a workflow without having to look at the Alfred box and result order, and you don't require an argument, why not just assign it to a hotkey instead like alt+cmd+f?
  9. Andrew

    Alfred results sorting based on usage

    @sfsdfd What do you have included in Alfred's Features > Default Results? Alfred works best with the default configuration of nothing selected in the Features > Default Results > Extras, then using the file search mode for file searches. This then frees up the default results for things like workflows. Also, if your workflow takes an argument, there is no need to select the workflow to use or run it, just keep typing. For example, if you have a keyword 'f', type "f bananas". Finally, make sure your file search keyword isn't also 'f' in the Features > File Search, as that will naturally cause confusion. Cheers, Andrew
  10. @HRD this will need to be fixed by 1Password - I've already emailed them about it. The latest release of Alfred now correctly calls the new 1Password 7 URL scheme to Open and Fill. After this point, Alfred has no control over what happens. I'm sure they'll have this fixed up quickly! Cheers, Andrew
  11. I've just done a new Alfred pre-release which mostly works aside from the bug I spotted with Google Chrome, which is when you have Chrome launched but no windows open, 1Password won't open the window to the specified URL. Open and Fill should work fine other than this.
  12. It almost works with 1Password 7.0.4 which fixes the issue with Open and Fill, but there is still a bug in 1Password which I've fed back to them. Shouldn't be long now! Cheers, Andrew
  13. @Alexander As far as I'm aware, this hasn't been fixed yet
  14. 1Password have acknowledged this issue and will fix it in an upcoming update, at which point, I'll switch Alfred across to using the new 1Password URL scheme for formulating an Open and Fill Cheers, Andrew
  15. @HRD I can reproduce this, and I suspect this will need a fix in 1Password 7. I've also tried updating Alfred to use the new 1Password 7 URL scheme for open and fill, but this seems to only work when 1Password is unlocked. If it's currently locked, the open and fill URL just gets ignored. I've sent an updated email to 1Password