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  1. @DONSA using my recommended method will still allow you to unlock with your watch. The issue arrises in the fact that under the hood, the lock command actually suspends the macOS session which is what's possibly incompatible with something. You could even rename the 'sleepdisplays' command to 'lock' (with password required in the macOS Security & Privacy prefs) and it'll do the same job but without suspending the session.
  2. @DONSA it anything happens, it'll be removing the lock feature... the reason I haven't done this sooner is that it only affects a finite number of users. My recommendation is still the same as above, use either the screensaver or sleepdisplays commands, and set macOS to require password on return. Cheers, Andrew
  3. Hi @abbood, Alfred stores thes in a plain text plist in Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/features/websearch/info.plist so should be pretty easy to batch edit / change... but if you are doing lots of custom searches with the same / changing domain, it might be worth creating a workflow instead and using a variables for the domains. Cheers, Andrew
  4. @jackbrannen it's also worth remembering that you don't need to select the web search to use it, for example, if you want to use the google web search with keyword 'google', just keep typing even if you don't see it e.g. google bananas You'll soon see it at the top of the list, and as Vero says, Alfred will soon re-learn Cheers, Andrew
  5. Ah yeah, this has slipped down in my tickets... I'll re-target it
  6. @ghui there is no way at this point to automatically show variables which need filling. The best thing to do for now is put some info in the "About this Workflow" section to say something along the lines of: "Set your API token in the variables panel". I'll add a note to have a think about "required variables" for a future release of Alfred Cheers, Andrew
  7. @robert_muench as long as you are in insert mode, and cmd+v works, then it should work ok... I use vim in terminal with Alfred's snippets all the time. Cheers, Andrew
  8. @ghui if you fill in the "About this Workflow" field under the [x] button to the top right of the workflow config, this is shown when the user installs the workflow. If you set the token as a variable in there, this is a good place for the user to set it too, then you can use that variable in your workflow Cheers, Andrew
  9. @wendellpbloyd Alfred 3 should be faster than ever, the define function itself is being held up by a macOS API. I have a ticket to move the API access off the main thread which will make things more responsive Cheers, Andrew
  10. If you don't want to use AppleScript to simulate events, you can add "Dispatch Key Combo" objects which will post key events. These could be wired after an Open URL action. You can chain inline Delay utility objects to wait for moments in between. As Dean says, this may prove unreliable as you don't know what the underlying browser has done or if the key event worked.
  11. There isn't quite enough info for me to see what's going on here... what is your snippet keyword, and the snippet body? I suspect that this isn't the mid string option, you may need to slow down simulated key events in the Tweaking tab. Cheers, Andrew
  12. @sstrool Alfred should very quickly learn your usage. Select shutdown a few times with your favoured shortcut. i.e.. type 's' then scroll down to shutdown and select it a few times in a row and Alfred will re-latch 's' to the shutdown command. Cheers, Andrew
  13. I've merged these two bug reports. I've actually responded to this issue a few times on the forum already, but I'll leave these both in bugs so others can see. There is a fundamental incompatibility with the type of high performance transparency backed window Alfred uses, and the native clipping rect (which macOS doesn't apply). I made a decision to allow people to create themes outside the logical bounds of the clipping rect as it ultimately gives more flexibility even though you can get some strange results. In the future, I may look at changing this behaviour, or even adding a 'native window' window backing, but for now, this is likely to stay as is. Cheers, Andrew
  14. I agree with this and I actually raised a ticket the other day to look into reverting this and the other file actions (copy / move) back to telling Finder and using AppleScript. It would also re-sort the issue of moving apps to /Applications/ where permissions need to be elevated, and App Translocation fettling by Finder to take place. Leave it with me, this is likely to be sorted. Cheers, Andrew
  15. @nindustries I can see a script task running in there which means this is likely a workflow causing this. Can you think of a workflow you used in the run up to this? Cheers, Andrew