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  1. Still seeing input lag on high sierra with certain themes

    @emeryamiller if you update to the 3.5.1 pre-release, I've also reduced the blur on the frosty teal theme. Any custom themes, reduce the blur to less than 50% and they should be fine. I've still left the ability to over blur themes as the lag is only affecting a subset of users, and Apple are aware of this GPU / blur bug. Cheers, Andrew [moving to closed]
  2. Snippets {cursor}

    @XPLOT1ON if the app which is being pasted in to alters the text in some way (e.g. adding new lines), then Alfred won't be aware of this and the cursor placement will be in the wrong location. This has been known to happen in Google Documents, and some non-standard Apple software.
  3. if you update to the 3.5.1 pre-release, this should now be fixed
  4. @Kourosh if you update to the 3.5.1 pre-release, this should now be fixed
  5. @danaviv if you update to the 3.5.1 pre-release, this should now be fixed
  6. @danaviv if you've upgraded to High Sierra, the macOS recent documents format has changed. I have a fix in the works for this which should be pre-released early next week Cheers, Andrew
  7. I'm not doing anything unusual in Alfred's workflow editor, so do let me know if BTT come back with more info on this, just out of interest!
  8. @pauljacobson double check that Alfred's hotkey isn't conflicting with Spotlights - if you are getting intermediate behaviour like this, it's more usually a hotkey conflict.
  9. @Kourosh I have a fix for this in the works for 3.5.1
  10. I can use cmd+a and immediately drag with resting 3 fingers (not clicking). Do you have any other settings or 3rd party hacks enabled?
  11. With no selection in Alfred, move your pointer over an item and press cmd+a to select all. With no additional tapping, if you just put three fingers on the trackpad and start dragging, does it drag all the objects?
  12. If you miss step 2, then it works fine. Tapping on a single node obviously selects that single node. Just 3 finger drag a selection, then 3 finger drag one of the objects in the selection immediately.
  13. A quick note that macOS recent documents have changed in high sierra, so only internal recent documents may be shown in 3.5. I'm currently working on updating Alfred to read high sierra recent documents for 3.5.1. Cheers, Andrew
  14. I'm still unable to reproduce this... I can three finger drag a selection then three finger drag one of the nodes to drag all of them. Are you tapping between making the selection and dragging?
  15. Google Drive Stream - Find not working

    @suprandr have you added that volume to Alfred's search scope? (Preferences > Features > Default Results).