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  1. Hi, I'm sorry, thought equation-fields were commonly used I updated to macOS 10.13 High Sierra, Alfred 3.5 and Word 2016 v. 15.38. Made a word document for you to see: https://cl.ly/n1Sp Funny enough, I just updated Word to v. 15.39 and copy pasting things from word equations works again. Maybe it was Word messing with me, but thanks anyway PS. To insert an equation field, just Choose Insert and then Equation over at the top-right side of the window.
  2. copying is working, but not pasting into the Alfred app, try yourself. It's copying to the macos clipboard, but is not able to paste the copied thing into the Alfred app.
  3. Hi Alfred Forum, Have used your app for months and love your fantastic app!, but I bumped into a problem when updating 3 things at once. Have been using Alfred mainly for app openings, editing text from not plain to plain text (paste and copy in the Alfred window) and the calculator for homework. But today I updated to High Sierra, Microsoft Word and Alfred, but now I can't copy anything from Words Equation-fields at all. What should I do, and have it become a powerpack feature, so I need to buy the powerpack?? Would be sad if it got to the need of the powerpack buy, because I like the free version and don't need the fanzy features my friends show me. Have a good day, even if you can't help me PS. I know it copied, because it can paste everywhere except in the Alfred app