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  1. It's for putting code in a separate script file in the workflow instead of in the Script box, which is a poor editor. Also having all your code embedded in info.plist kinda sucks with source control. The only reason not to use External Script is if your script requires option flags.
  2. Possibly. If you mean the Command key (macOS doesn't have a Meta key), then yes, I believe Alfred won't let you use ⌘X because that's the global standard hotkey for "Cut". Doubtful. It's a big foot-gun. Alfred tries hard to avoid foot-guns.
  3. Why would it be a "nice touch"? You can already open a script directly in your editor, as Andrew explained. Everyone already has a simple way to open the contents of a Finder window in their editor of choice. So what's the benefit in being able to reconfigure that button to do the same thing as the other button, while removing the ability to open the workflow in Finder?
  4. It needs to set the variable because it turns accessibility off before returning it, doesn’t it?
  5. You need to edit the CalendarEvents.scpt script. Something like this: let arr = getEvents(days), ekEvents = arr[0], colours = arr[1], attendees = [] ekEvents.forEach(event => { if (event.status === $.EKEventStatusCanceled) return if (event.allDay) return let title = ObjC.unwrap(event.title), url = ObjC.unwrap(event.URL.absoluteString), notes = ObjC.unwrap(event.notes), location = ObjC.unwrap(event.location) if (event.hasAttendees) { ObjC.unwrap(event.attendees).forEach(a => { attendees.push(ObjC.unwrap(a.name)) }) } // ensure these have values otherwise they'll be omitted from // JSON output because they're undefined title = title ? title : '' url = url ? url : '' notes = notes ? notes : '' location = location ? location : '' events.push({ uid: ObjC.unwrap(event.eventIdentifier), title: title, url: url, notes: notes, location: location, attendees: attendees, account: ObjC.unwrap(event.calendar.source.title), calendar: ObjC.unwrap(event.calendar.title), calendar_id: ObjC.unwrap(event.calendar.calendarIdentifier), start_date: ObjC.unwrap(formatter.stringFromDate(event.startDate)), end_date: ObjC.unwrap(formatter.stringFromDate(event.endDate)), colour: colours[ObjC.unwrap(event.calendar.calendarIdentifier)], }) })
  6. It doesn't work that way. Variables are only valid in the workflow they're set in. Any variables set while a workflow is running cease to exist when the workflow stops running. To use variables in snippets, you must use a Snippet Trigger to implement them in a workflow.
  7. That is possible, so you must be doing it wrong. Post a link to your workflow, so we can actually see what you’re talking about.
  8. Hi @AsterY, welcome to the forum. I believe Alfred’s Lock works by simulating the Hotkey for macOS’s “Lock Screen” function, which is ^⌘Q. So what’s probably happening is that QQ has redefined ^⌘Q, which is why it’s activating.
  9. In a Run Script with Language = /bin/bash and “with input as {query}”, you should be able to do address="${baseurl}:${{query}}".
  10. Be aware that Alfred-Workflow doesn't support Python 3 and will probably blow up in your face if you try to use it with Py3.
  11. No. It would break anything that expects Python 2, and it’s pointless anyway. Nobody uses “Language = /usr/bin/python” because putting code in the Script box is silly. Use External Script (or “Language = /bin/bash”) and an appropriate shebang (#!/usr/bin/python3) in your script.
  12. For apps that only have one dark mode and one light one. It doesn't translate so naturally to apps that support theming. How would your "bundled themes" work if I only want to use the light version of theme A, but the dark version of theme B? Because you can't take away users' ability to choose whichever themes they want. Seems to me that being able to bundle dark & light versions of themes together will still leave you with "Theme X Light" and "Theme X Dark" in the themes lists. So what have you saved?
  13. Almost certainly. You're using Python 2 and there is no functools.lru_cache in Python 2: the library you appear to be using doesn't support Python 2.
  14. What "Third Party Integration"? Are you talking about 1Password? If so, that option is in the 1Password app, not Alfred.
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