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  1. I think they're both broken, tbh. The if (count T) = 0 ... line only protects against the case that no windows are open. T is a list of lists, and it might look like this {{}, {}, {tab ...}, {}} or indeed this {{}, {}, {}, {}}. There might be some shortcut via a whose clause (I'm no great shakes at AppleScript), but I would use repeat clauses personally.
  2. For me, it works sporadically. The first time, it works correctly. It doesn't work again until you close the incognito window or open a new tab in it.
  3. Works on my machine: tell application "Google Chrome" to close (every tab of every window whose URL is "chrome://newtab/")
  4. deanishe

    Install Workflows from GitHub? 🤔

    To add my two cents, there isn't any single right way to install from a GitHub repo. Usually, there's an .alfredworkflow file in the repo or in releases. The method Vítor linked works when the repo root corresponds to the workflow root, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes the workflow code is in a subdirectory of the repo. Sometimes the source code needs compiling first.
  5. deanishe

    Alfred lost all settings

    It's not a file, it's a folder. You can theoretically send it via email if you zip it first, but it's often far too big: mine is 200MB. As far getting your stuff back, go to the Dropbox website. You can restore old versions from there.
  6. deanishe

    Fallback search and workflow triggers seem broken

    Please upload the non-working workflow first, as Vero asked, and post a link to it.
  7. Not in a good way: Safari's AppleScript dictionary doesn't support private mode.
  8. deanishe

    Moving this forum to Discourse

    If they'd just put the old "BBCode" button back in… Even if they did fix all the bugs in this editor, it would still be clunky and unpleasant to use.
  9. This was the "Python 2 to Python 3" thread, right? Is this the one you want deleting? Generally, a better way to go if you've solved the problem you were having, is to post the answer to your own question, so the answer is available for anyone having the same issue in future.
  10. deanishe

    Problems accessing "Left" application

    Yeah, but everyone who says "cheesegrater" says it with joy in their heart, not crossing themselves and spitting on the floor, like with the trashcan.
  11. deanishe

    ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    Yes, but the way the workflow is set up, although it reads (almost) all fields from the Zotero database, the workflow's search index is hard-coded to certain fields (as is the zot: Script Filter). I'm not sure how feasible it is to simply index all fields: without applying weightings to each field, the quality of the results would go down the toilet (you don't want hits in the Abstract treated the same as hits in the Title). I suppose you could add just one more "all" column to the index with a very low weighting and stuff everything else in there. But I don't really want to do that. Like I've said, I've never cited anything in my life, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I wrote this workflow to provide a sensibly-structured basis (versus ZotQuery) for someone else who does know what they're doing to take forward. The idea is that one of the folks who tried and failed to get ZotQuery working again would take over this workflow instead. It should be pretty understandable to even an inexperienced coder. I'm going to make one more release that uses Alfred's new settings API, and then I'm done (barring bugfixes). That is currently blocked, however, as is my Python library and all my Python workflows, because GitHub changed their SSL certs such that they're no longer compatible with (Python on) Sierra and earlier, which is what I'm still running.
  12. deanishe

    Snippet expansion closes web form

    You mean the Nickname field, right? As best as I can tell, you can't paste anything in that field. It doesn't matter whether it's the Apple logo or the word "bob". So the reason Apple text replacements work, but Alfred snippets don't, appears to be because FedEx's webdevs have implemented a broken field that doesn't accept pastes.
  13. deanishe

    Snippet expansion closes web form

    Then it's a question for @Andrew. Do you have a link to a public page where the issue can be replicated?
  14. deanishe

    Snippet expansion closes web form

    That's why I said "a page", not "the page", though in hindsight that's not very clear. Do you know another, publicly-accessible page on the site that has the same issue? It's definitely not a problem with the field (which is implemented by Safari). It's possibly, as I suggested, a problem with a validation script running on the site that's choking on or explicitly rejecting the character because you most likely don't want PUA code points in your database.
  15. I don't know what you expect Andrew to do about it. From your description, Alfred is clearly successfully calling 1Password. By all appearances, it's 1Password that's dropping the ball. You should probably ask on the AgileBits forum.