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  1. Thanks. I'd already fixed Google, but I wondered how many other engines might be affected. Turns out Amazon is also fixed. The code in the repo has eliminated this bug but I haven't built a new release yet. Also, I've fixed your Brazilian vs Portuguese thing with YouTube (as far as it can be fixed).
  2. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    That's just my ignorance showing through. "Citations" is what I meant. I don't think so. The workflow asks you to choose a style when you first run it. These are the choices it offers: chicago-author-date apa modern-language-association rtf-scan bibtex odt-scannable-cites
  3. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    If somebody can sketch out how the workflow is supposed to work, I can write a "stub" version that's at least sanely structured. Like, what do you do with it? Search for entries (by title, author, tag, all fields) Open entries in Zotero Copy bibliography entries Anything else?
  4. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    Nah. I want to kill the original author. See my above post. The whole thing wants throwing away and redoing.
  5. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    I give up, tbh. I fix one part, and there are three more broken parts underneath. And the "design" is so bizarre and complex, I can't figure out what it's even supposed to do, let alone fix it. None of it makes any sense, from the bad variable names to the utterly alien techniques. There are perhaps a handful of functions and a few hundred lines of code worth keeping. The rest wants throwing in the bin. This needs re-writing from scratch with a sane design and structure. As before, I'm prepared to help, but I don't want this to be "my" workflow. I don't use Zotero, don't know how to use Zotero, and have no need for it. So somebody else will have to take ownership of and responsibility for the workflow. You up for that @lutefish?
  6. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    Could you try this version? I tracked down the issue with the key column going missing, but there are doubtless other issues lurking. Note: This version clears all the cached data and rebuilds them with saner names and contents. It should preserve your settings, but it's hard to say for sure: the workflow saves them in two entirely different places for no apparent reason.
  7. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    I am at least getting this error now, but I'm having a hard job fixing it, as I can't figure out what on earth the code is trying to do. The code is a godawful mess of needless, uncommented complexity, indirection and duplication. It has a copy of the entire Zotero database. Two search indices. And another copy of the entire Zotero database as JSON. Worst of all, there is so much code running at the top level that there are all manner of import-time side-effects that crash it.
  8. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    Please don't post screenshots of a workflow failing. They only say "it failed", which is not much help with diagnosing the issue. Open Alfred's debugger, run the workflow, then post the output from the debugger.
  9. Script Filters are for showing items in Alfred. If your Script Filter doesn't print XML/JSON in the format understood by Alfred (or if it crashes), Alfred shows its Fallback Searches. You don't want a Script Filter. (I couldn't download your workflow, as I was replying from my phone earlier.)
  10. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    It doesn't matter what you rename it to. As long as it has a different name, the workflow will recreate the original directory with new data. And you have your old data backed up in the renamed directory. If anything goes wrong, you can delete the new directory and rename your backup back again. Move it to ~/Desktop if you prefer. (~/ is shorthand for your home directory.)
  11. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    The workflow saves your settings. You might have to delete the old settings to get it to find your new database. Try renaming the directory ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/com.hackademic.zotquery2 and running the workflow again.
  12. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    Yeah. It's in the rewrite branch, not master. In what way? The workflow may be looking in the wrong place. Where is your Zotero database?
  13. Oh, you’re using Run Script. I don’t know what Alfred does with the input to that, or if it alters the clipboard data. In any case, you could ignore Alfred’s clipboard support and replace your “echo” with “pbpaste”: pbpaste -Prefer txt | /usr/local/bin/astyle The -Prefer flag tells pbpaste to emit plaintext (there may be a richtext version on the clipboard, too).
  14. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    Do you have Zotero running at the same time? It locks the database, so it can't be opened by another program. That is to say, if Zotero is running, the workflow can't read the database. I'll look into it in more detail, but fundamentally, if Zotero has acquired an exclusive lock, the database can't be opened by another process while it's running.