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  1. battery

    The Convert workflow is definitely affected by the bug. And fixed by running the bugfix workflow.
  2. That's clear. I can't answer your question, though.
  3. If you write CMD/CTRL/OPT, most people will assume you mean CMD or CTRL or OPT because slashes mean "or", not "and". Especially when you use a different character (-) to mean "plus this key", like you did.
  4. So, the problem has nothing to do with Alfred. It's with open and the latest version of mpv.
  5. Which apps don't work? If we can't see the problem for ourselves, we can only guess.
  6. RTFM is definitely a diss. It usually means, "I gave you this software for free, and I spent a lot of time documenting it. So spend a few minutes of your time reading it before you start wasting my time with questions I've already answered." (Which may or may not be justified, depending on the quality of the docs.) I have all the time in the world for people who try, but don't know enough to solve a problem. Heck, I largely wrote Alfred-Workflow for @smarg19 Always had time for him because he wanted to learn, not have things done for him. (He's probably a better coder than me by now.) But people who don't even try to solve a problem for themselves, who don't spend a few minutes of their own time trying to figure out a problem before they go "spending" other people's, well … that literally says, "I have zero respect for your time." And, imo, you also publicly make yourself look like a lazy fool, asking questions that are clearly answered in the docs, another issue, the error message, or a post on the same page as yours, simply because you were too damn lazy to read them. Personally, I'm always extremely embarrassed when that's me.
  7. Why not? I'd really like to understand why you start asking on the forum before you even look in the debugger. I mean, it takes 5 seconds. Posting takes minutes. Getting a reply hours. Because the path had a space in it and you aren't quoting the arguments. If you'd looked at the error in the debugger ("/Users/nikivi/Library/Mobile: No such file or directory"), you might have figured that out. You must understand quoting arguments in bash by now.
  8. Do you ever look in the debugger before posting?
  9. Saving your script's settings in another application's settings file is a pretty terrible idea, tbh. The proper place for executable scripts is ~/bin (or maybe /usr/local/bin). The proper place for AppleScripts is ~/Library/Scripts. If I were you, I'd probably wrap the whole thing up in an application using Automator and a simple AppleScript dialog box. And I'd put the application in ~/Applications.
  10. Fundamentally, I am not going to change the one-row-per-item model. People do crazy things with Excel, and I'm not going to go down the rabbit hole of fielding a feature request every time somebody has some data that don't fit that model. If you actually showed me the data you're talking about, I might have an idea.
  12. Q1 & 2: Convert workflow. Q3: MailTo workflow. Q5: Enter ~ to browse your filesystem in Alfred. Q6:
  13. There's definitely something weird going on: If I call subl via Python's subprocess API, it behaves exactly as you'd expect (Sublime activates, subl exits). I've tried running subl via NSTask (the API Alfred uses), and it behaves differently to when called via Python or straight from a shell. It doesn't hang like in Alfred, but it does open a temporary file read from STDIN, which it shouldn't. Seems that subl doesn't get along with NSTask, rather than it being specifically Alfred. Most likely something to do with STDIN.
  14. @robwalton I'm looking over the workflow code. There's no need for such long imports. The AW API is defined in from workflow import Workflow3 is enough, unless you're using some internal functions—at your peril