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  1. Presumably, Safari understands "open links in a new tab" to mean "open links in a new tab in the default tab group"?
  2. I don’t think so, no. If it isn’t working, please check Alfred’s workflow debugger and the log file (enter .vc workflow:openlog into Alfred) for an error message.
  3. I don't think you're getting that far. The way you're trying to join the URL is all wrong. It needs to be: set myVariable to "some string" & someVariable & "another string" You forgot the & signs. As regards URL-encoding: AppleScript can't do it. Unless you can find a function someone has written, you'll need to use a different language for that.
  4. Maybe. Do you have a link to the Dashlane API docs?
  5. You can only use icons for icons, not text. If you want to show preview icons, you'll have to download or generate them. Your JSON is also invalid. The "icon" field should be an object, and the top-level "items" field is missing. Please read the docs.
  6. Right, sorry. As a rule, whenever you see an SSL error (or any other kind of "can't connect to server" error), the problem is with the network or the website/server and there's nothing a workflow author can do about it (unless they also run the server). It's still worth reporting the issue if it persists for more than a few days, but this kind of error is very rarely something a workflow's developer can address: it's not their stuff that's broken, and they won't be able to do anything about it or tell you much more than the error message already does.
  7. The value in the URL is currency, and that’s what you should call the variable. Looking at the site, "EN" isn't actually a valid value. It redirects to "GBP", which is the currency code for pounds sterling, not any kind of dollar.
  8. You've read the error message, haven't you? The SSL certificate on the server has expired. Only the people at ipaaudio.click can fix that. There's nothing @Mr Pennyworth can do about it (other than switch to a different service).
  9. Doesn't the system Ruby have bindings to macOS APIs? The system Pythons always have the 3rd-party bindings pre-installed (not that Python is an out-of-the-box solution any more…) I'd probably write that part in Go or Swift. JXA's no good, as you'd probably want at least a couple of threads. In any case, the fswatch feature could be optional for people for whom a full re-index is problematic.
  10. It can be done, but will only work properly if there are never any dashes in the individual elements.
  11. That's possible, but only in code. Can you be more specific about where the file should be moved to?
  12. I thought Python 2 understood Cyrillic case?
  13. I think the last piece of the puzzle for a flawless experience is using FSEvents to update the index database. If the user has fswatch installed via Homebrew, perhaps you could set up a launch agent to update the database as files are added and removed, instead of having to crawl the entire volume each time? That hammers the CPU and can still take a long time on large drives.
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