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  1. This workflow can run bookmarklets in Firefox, but only ones from your Firefox bookmarks.
  2. Judging by the log, you haven't configured it correctly, and I can't comment on what you might have done wrong without seeing your configuration. Also, deleting the workflow does not delete its settings because they're not stored in the workflow. If you really want to delete the settings, enter dictcc workflow:deldata. If your config is what you posted above, then it's invalid. You need to put the correct path to the downloaded dictionary in your config, and delete the extraneous part as WalterBeiter described above.
  3. I'd say you can probably forget it at this point. Google have just imposed a bunch of new rules on apps that access users' data, breaking most existing Google workflows, and making it ridiculously hard to get one permitted.
  4. I'd say that it's extremely unlikely that Alfred will gain built-in support for Edge unless Edge provides an official API for apps like Alfred to read its bookmarks. You would probably be better served with a workflow instead. Depending on how Chromium-like it is, a workflow like this one might be able to read its bookmarks.
  5. @romebot When a workflow isn't working, please check Alfred's debugger and post the output. Screenshots are very little use in trying to diagnose issues.
  6. Not with my workflows because I always return a "no results" item to make clear that there wasn't an error. I'm just trying to figure out where I can stop doing that. I'm not sure I've understood this correctly. The fallbacks will be shown also when results are returned? If so, there are definitely a couple of workflows where I'd want to disable that behaviour. I don't know about anyone else, but it's extremely rare that I actively select a workflow (Script Filter) when typing in Alfred's query box.
  7. Are these globally-defined behaviours, or can they be selected on a workflow-by-workflow basis? I can think of several situations where they kinda break the workflow or don't make sense. For example, I think showing fallbacks would rarely make sense in a workflow that searches a user's own data.
  8. Austrian 😛 You can use a Snippet Trigger to run your bash script. Otherwise, this workflow can do what you want.
  9. That's BBCode, not HTML. HTML would be <b></b>. Generally, regular expressions are total overkill for just surrounding some text with tags, but that's the only tool Alfred gives you for the job. You want a Replace utility set up like this: The regular expression .+ means "one or more of any character", and the brackets mean "this is a match group". In the replacement field, $1 means "contents of match group 1". So basically, "match anything and put it between [ b] and [/b]".
  10. I thought so, too. Variable expansion is, but snippet-style expansion isn't apparently. It's hard to know what's supported where.
  11. That's all there is. The workflow doesn't duplicate actions like "close tab", which already have keyboard shortcuts in Firefox.
  12. It has come up a few times in connection with various workflow elements. This was the most recent one, I believe.
  13. My bad. I should have tested it instead of guessing… Try this version. The problem is actually that Alfred doesn't expand placeholders in the field Terminal used them in. {date:e} and {date:c} won't work without other changes. But they return the day as a number, so they're locale-independent.
  14. Presumably, your system isn't set to English. The workflow uses a placeholder to generate the name of the current day, which will be in the language your OS is set to, but tests it against the English names. Edit the workflow to change the day names to the right ones for your language. More generally, the workflow should use {date:e} or {date:c} instead of {date:EEEE} to make it locale-independent. @Terminal Do you think you could upload such workflows to somewhere more permanent that gofile.io? It's very common that someone comes to a thread months or years later and finds such a workflow, which is just what they're looking for, but it's long gone because it was only uploaded to a temporary URL.
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