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  1. Yes. Pint already understands length and area. You can define your own dimensions, too. But the relationship between unit definitions must be linear, not circular, like yours was.
  2. httplib is Python 2. It has been renamed in Python 3. Try /usr/local/binpythonor/usr/local/bin/python2` instead.
  3. That isn’t a useful description of the problem. Something is happening, and we need to know what it is in order to help you. What does Alfred's debugger say?
  4. Yeah. I think the Rich Text only applies to what you've pasted in the box in the Copy to Clipboard element. As best as I can tell, you can’t even use a JSON Config to get Alfred to treat your own input as RTF: it ignores the clipboardtextrtf setting and uses clipboardtext converted to RTF instead. Is this the case, @Andrew, and shouldn't Alfred use the RTF passed to it via JSON Config? It would be handy to be able to put "pretty" links on the clipboard alongside plaintext URLs, without having to faff about doing all the clipboard manipulation yourself.
  5. So is rich text, tbf. As far as the pasteboard is concerned, what matters is which UTI you assign to the data (public.rtf, public.html or public.utf-8-plain-text). That tends to suck, unfortunately, because textutil always adds styling to snippets, so if you just feed in <a href="...">Some Link</a>, it will come out in Times Roman. I had to build a custom HTML -> RTF converter for ZotHero (though I'm not using it any more, IIRC: the Python version of citeproc was terrible.)
  6. Your shell’s PATH doesn’t matter because Alfred doesn’t use it. Mac applications aren't launched from your shell. You need to find a version of Python that is linked with a recent version of OpenSSL (or LibreSSL), and edit the workflow to use that instead.
  7. And I told you the obvious problem with the code. The other problem isn’t in the code.
  8. That's a bit of an exaggeration, but certainly, the current iteration of IPB is god-awful for the technically-inclined keyboard jockey, which is (kinda by definition) what the Alfred community largely consists of. Their attitude towards fixing this execrable editor is appalling.
  9. Hi, Jim, welcome to the forum. I totally appreciate where you're coming from, but removing the workflow isn't the right solution. Most Alfred users aren't on Catalina yet, precisely because it has caused so many problems like this one. If you mean this workflow, there is a warning directly in the first post that it doesn't work on Catalina. In any case, I've edited Vero's post to make that warning big and red.
  10. Only the {query} macro is expanded in scripts. I can’t tell you why “global variables” don’t work because I don't know what you mean, and can't check anything for myself with only screenshots to look at. If your workflow isn’t working, upload it somewhere and post a link, so we can have a look for ourselves.
  11. Sounds about right, yes. Apple switched to LibreSSL.
  12. Both is best. Most people looking for workflows won't bother reading the whole thread.
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