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  1. You've deleted the Python script from that workflow. The date is formatted on the lines that say .strftime(DATE_FMT). That's where you need to insert your new algorithm.
  2. POST request in JS Script

    JS is a special case. A lot of the functions you’re used to using are properties of the browser environment. They don’t exist when the script is running in Alfred. I’d suggest using a language that does have HTTP libraries (Ruby, Python etc.) or using the curl command.
  3. This would be my guess: https://www.overlandbound.com/forums/search/search?keywords={query}&title_only=1
  4. Try: https://www.overlandbound.com/forums/search/search?keywords={query} The best way to figure this out is right-click on the search box, click Inspect Element, and figure out the URL from the form element.
  5. I may have misunderstood, but that's the Alfred site, not Evernote's: You need to ask @Vero to change any links.
  6. Tab Through Snippet Expansion

    No. Alfred can’t reasonably intercept TAB keypresses in another app. That only works with snippet engines built into an application (they can hook into the editor API). Alfred can’t do it because it has no way of knowing whether TAB will insert a tab character, a number of spaces or move focus to another GUI element, therefore it can’t undo the TAB keypress in the same way it can a snippet trigger (by simulating the appropriate number of backspace presses). With Alfred, your only real option is to use a Snippet Trigger to pop up Alfred, then use a few Keyword elements and Arg & Vars elements to ask for your different inputs. Finally, you can use a Run Script to combine the variables into the complete output, then a Copy to Clipboard action to paste it back to the app. Other snippet expanders have a dedicated GUI for this kind of snippet. If you have a lot of such snippets, it may be worth looking at something like Typinator: it’s far less work to set up such a snippet than with Alfred.
  7. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    It’s a bug in any case. It shouldn’t die without letting you fix a bad setting. Also, even if CITE_STYLE were valid, deleting the style from Zotero would cause the same error. So thanks for finding the bug. Yeah. UsIng the URL as an identifier is much safer, as it’s basically guaranteed to be unique. Perhaps I need to edit the README to emphasise how bad an idea setting the variables by hand is. I suppose requiring users to change some settings by hand but avoid editing others isn’t the best approach. I should probably also make sure it doesn’t choke on an invalid LOCALE…
  8. Accessibility Need- Notes App Background Color Font Color

    Heh. I love doing this to other people’s Macs. Most people have no idea about the feature and assume their screen has broken.
  9. Wait till git checkout finished

    Also, in future, could you upload your actual workflow somewhere and post a link to it, instead of screenshots and code snippets? Generally, we need the actual workflow to answer questions about it. Screenshots and code snippets aren’t really enough.
  10. Wait till git checkout finished

    Run Script runs the script in a subprocess (i.e. you can’t see the output). Terminal Command opens a new shell in your terminal app and pastes the command in there. A Run Script is an integrated part of a workflow. Alfred waits till it has finished before running the next action, and also passes the output to the next action. That’s why you need a Run Script (so Alfred waits till git is done). A Terminal Command is passed off to another application, and Alfred has no idea about anything after that. It can’t tell whether the command succeeded or failed, whether it’s finished or not, or what the output was. Terminal Command is for starting interactive programs or where the user needs to see the output.
  11. ZotQuery: an Alfred workflow for Zotero

    It sounds like you have an invalid style set. Did you delete the style from Zotero? Open the workflow variables sheet in Alfred Preferences and make sure the CITE_STYLE variable is empty, then try again. I've added some code to catch this error, which will be in the next release.
  12. Unable to add workflow as fallback result

    It sounds like you haven't added a Fallback Search trigger to your workflow. If that's not the case, please upload your workflow somewhere and post a link. It's not really possible to diagnose issues with workflows we've never seen.
  13. Image/HTML as output of a workflow

    Right. So an integrated preview, like in file browser mode.
  14. Image/HTML as output of a workflow

    You can also call Quicklook on the command-line with qlmanage -p <filepath>, so you can make it your item action. If that's not acceptable, could you describe more precisely what you're suggesting?
  15. Script Filter Noob Questions

    To generate feedback from JavaScript you return a JSON string from your run function: function run(argv) { var items = [] items.push({title: "First item", subtitle: "This is item no. 1", arg: "1"}) return JSON.stringify({items: items}) }