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  1. Vim+iTerm workflow

    You've broken the script or grabbed a broken version. This very important line is different in your version, and that's why it isn't working for you.
  2. Vim+iTerm workflow

    Please post the actual workflow, not pictures and extracts of it. Upload it somewhere and post a link. It's unreasonable to expect us to first rebuild your workflow in order to help you.
  3. Clipboard History not picking up menubar apps

    @Vero: Does 1Password actually need to be in the ignored-apps list? I mean, aren't the data you copy from 1Password marked as concealed by default?
  4. Heh. Looks like @Andrew's gonna have to fix it then Wonder what the difference is between setting the modifier via JSON and explicitly on the connection. In any case, I use modifiers-via-JSON a lot, so I guess many of my workflows are also affected by the issue, even though nobody has ever noticed it before.
  5. Double-clicking the connection coming out of your first Script Filter(s) and selecting "Don't close the Alfred window on actioning result" fixes the issue (i.e. Alfred stays open). I realise there's technically still a bug, but you should be selecting the above option whenever you pass control from one visible element to another to stop the "flash" of Alfred closing then re-opening.
  6. As a courtesy, you might have posted a link to the browser. To answer your question, the scripts for Chrome/Chromium work with Vivaldi. You just need to change the application name.
  7. quick search from a hotkey

    Enough for a beer Thanks!
  8. quick search from a hotkey

    The AppleScript tell application "Alfred 3" to search "na " will do that. Or attach your Hotkey to a Keyword and connect that to an Open URL.
  9. quick search from a hotkey

    You could tell Alfred to use your custom search as one of its Fallbacks (the "Search Google for 'XXX'" items that appear when Alfred can't find any results). That way, you can just type your query into Alfred, and as soon as it doesn't match any default results, Alfred will give you the option to search with your Custom Search
  10. quick search from a hotkey

    Naver.com is supported. The list of search engines on the forum wasn't complete (I've fixed it now). See GitHub for full details.
  11. Alfred only looks at one folder at a time. If you want to "jump" across multiple levels with a single query, the only (Alfred) option I know of is my Fuzzy Folders workflow.
  12. Video Tutorials from Alfred

    They're in charge.
  13. The workflow uses the same "recent files" mechanism as Alfred. If Alfred can't find the files, neither will the workflow. The problem is with MindNode. You should contact its developers.
  14. quick search from a hotkey

    What do you mean?
  15. How to refresh iTunes library?

    Type "reload" into the mini player.