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  1. A slightly awkward solution was posted here. That workflow's written in Go, but it's the same problem (alfsubl is the name of the executable in that workflow; change as appropriate).
  2. I tested both, and both work. You can't do it automatically. You'd copy all the files except info.plist over from a new copy of ISYN. It's not something you really need to do, though: the workflow is updated very rarely.
  3. Sorry. No idea. It works correctly for me. Please make sure you're using the latest version of the workflow. FWIW, this is how Excel stores dates internally. It's the number of days since 1 January 1900.
  4. Nope. By design, you can't include workflow results in Alfred's defaults. I've never used Bear. The blurb on the website says your notes are "stored in plain text", so there might be a directory of files somewhere that you could add to Alfred's Scope. But looking at the workflow code, it appears that Bear stores everything in a single database, so you're probably out of luck. If @nikivi's suggestions doesn't suit you, and you really want to have your notes in Alfred's default results, my suggestion would be to find a different app that does store its plaintext notes as plaintext files.
  5. It would save you a handful of seconds per month, Niki…
  6. Your workflow doesn't generate that URL, though. It removes all the slashes from the URL, so it isn't valid. Here is a version with fixed URL-manipulating logic.
  7. Confusing? Using modifiers to perform different actions is a standard feature… No. It would search the workflow & Script Filter names the way it does now. It would just be less strict about matching (it currently only uses "name/keyword starts with" semantics).
  8. Because PHP was a very stupid language that is trying to be less stupid while not breaking things too much. Constant names and array keys without quotes have been deprecated for many years. I guess Catalina includes a newer version of PHP that finally makes that a real error (or it's configured to make it an error).
  9. OP wants multiple keywords because he often forgets the right ones. Being able to look up the right one is a better solution than adding aliases and hoping you can remember one of those instead. Ideally, you would also be able to launch the workflow directly from the search results, but like I said, the feature currently isn't very useful.
  10. I can't tell you why an Excel file I've never seen isn't working.
  11. The search (keyword ?) shows your workflows' keywords and hotkeys…
  12. TBH, I think this feature wouldn't be at all necessary if Alfred's Preferences Search worked in a usable way.
  13. It has nothing to do with macOS or Alfred. Your PHP code is incorrect. You haven't used quotes in your defines, i.e. define(BASE_DIR, ...) should be define("BASE_DIR", ...)
  14. You can use AppleScript to tell Safari to execute JavaScript in a tab: tell application "Safari" to do JavaScript "alert('injected JS!');" in document 1
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