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  1. I don't even know if Alfred does pin the certificate. It was just the only reason I could think of for Alfred updates failing while other apps work.
  2. They've got Alfred to work but have they got it to update? Could be due to certificate pinning. I'm all out of ideas, in any case. Perhaps @Andrew can help?
  3. None of your Mac applications care about ~/.bashrc or other UNIX dotfiles. Your login session is started via launchd, not a shell, so it inherits launchd's almost empty environment. Alfred itself should work with both a .pac file and manually-configured proxies, but most workflows won't work with a .pac file. Are you having issues with any other applications? Does your corporate network man-in-the-middle HTTPS connections? If so, Alfred may be rejecting the incorrect certificate.
  4. What do you mean by this? How/where did you set those variables? They will, in any case, be ignored by Alfred and other native applications. This only affects workflows, AFAIK, not Alfred's own behaviour. Like most native applications, Alfred uses your system proxy settings (System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies). The above setting affects the values Alfred sets for http_proxy and https_proxy when it runs workflow scripts.
  5. It's not an issue with the workflow, then. Tried quitting and re-opening iTerm?
  6. What about when you run open -a iTerm ssh:// in a shell?
  7. Doesn't appear to be an issue with the workflow. What happens when you run ssh in a shell? I can't establish a connection to that system (or ping it).
  8. Nope. Solution (1) is the proper way to do it. In addition, you'll have to do the filtering yourself in code because Alfred doesn't pass your script a query if "Alfred filters results" is selected. Again, nope. Nine visible results is your lot, I'm afraid. Alfred shows more results in File Browse mode, but that's no good to you because, as with a File Filter, you can't inject your own additional results.
  9. Mac too old for Sierra, and you don't like the trashcan Mac? That's only usually a problem with developer tools and badly-written shell scripts, tbh. I use Hazel for moving video files around (encode MKVs in folder1 to MP4s in folder2; move MP4s in folder2 to folder3). Hazel can tell if a file is in use by native APIs and will wait till it's closed. That doesn't work with HandBrakeCLI, for example, so I use the rule "ends with .mp4 and last modified is more than 5 minutes ago". I have an Alfred File Action to encode selected videos to folder2, whereupon Hazel takes over. If you just want to watch a few folders and don't need Hazel's other features, you can use a Launch Agent or Folder Action to trigger your script, or use a library like MacFSEvents (Python) to access native FS events from your script. You can also run an Alfred workflow from outside Alfred using External Triggers.
  10. This one is written in AppleScript.
  11. Could be either. Did you add the demo Amazon Suggest workflow? Have you looked at the example workflows included with Alfred? Add them in Alfred Preferences > Workflows > + > Examples. TBH, your particular idea (select multiple sites, get input, search) is not simple to do. Alfred currently only lets you select multiple files, so multiple anything-else requires some non-straightforward coding. If you can accept not selecting the sites to search on each run, it is very easy to do. The "Should I watch this movie?" example workflow does exactly this but for movies. You assign keywords, which you search by typing into Alfred (they're default types). With a Web Search there's a Keyword column. With workflows, you add one or more elements from the Inputs menu that support keywords, the most obvious one being the Keyword element. I'm having a hard time understanding exactly where you're getting hung up. You've figured out how the workflow editor works, right? Right-click to add/edit stuff, hover and drag lines from the nubs to connect elements. Control flows left to right.
  12. Dude, Vítor quite clearly said he doesn't recall anyone else asking for video tutorials in the years he's been on the forum (and I'm pretty sure he sees literally every thread). I suppose there are multiple ways you could read that, but I'm certain that what Vítor means is that there doesn't appear to be much demand for video tutorials. A few video tutorials would be awesome, or more docs/tutorials in general. But video takes a lot of time and/or money to produce, and the Alfred team has limited resources. I don't think Benny made them himself, though. They're community-made.
  13. All the same, you'll struggle to find someone willing to pay even minimum wage for time you spend on a workflow, let alone anything like a developer's hourly wage. There might be some money to be made selling workflows at $1-$3, but probably not very much. And I don't see how that would work with open source code. On top of that, unless your workflow is complex (to implement), it's quite likely that someone else will release a workflow that does the same thing as yours, but for free.
  14. I mean it's pretty simple to write a program that puts text on the clipboard and marks it as transient.
  15. No. It takes a few minutes to show up on Packal. It's also possible Packal is having issues. A workflow exported from Alfred 3 will not work in Alfred 2, regardless of whether it uses and 3-only features or not.