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  1. deanishe

    Advanced file search

    Right. It sounded like you were expanding a variable… To answer your question: you can't do that with the tags search. It searches tags only with AND semantics. So if you enter any query that matches no tags, you'll get no results. You could probably create a File Filter that does what you want, though. What I do with common tags like todo is create a Saved Search for all files tagged todo and then filter the files in the saved search in Alfred with my Smart Folders workflow.
  2. It's a JavaScript interpreter/platform. It does the same thing as Python and Ruby and Perl, just they are included with macOS. In any case, this workflow won't run without Node… The security issues aren't relevant to workflows, and JavaScript is perfectly safe. They way webbrowsers run it causes the problems. So again, not relevant.
  3. deanishe

    Remote Use on 2 Computers?

    Yes, Alfred Remote supports multiple Macs.
  4. deanishe

    Advanced file search

    Those are Alfred's Fallback Searches. They're what Alfred shows when a search (or workflow) returns no results. Variable? From where?
  5. It doesn't. Unless you want to use it to choose the Excel file(s) to convert. Alfred, after all, is a launcher, not an automation tool. That's why we're talking about Perl and Python scripts: Vítor doesn't have Excel and I don't know how to write VBA. Also, using a bloated app like Excel or LibreOffice for automating conversions is a terribly slow and awkward way to go about it if you can use a small library instead. In any case, I think all the code @Cauchy needs can be pulled out of the workflow I linked above. He just has to put it together in a script and plug that into an Alfred File Filter/a Launch Agent/Automator app/Hazel/whatever.
  6. @Cauchy I use the Python xlrd library in I Sheet You Not. It does a pretty good job of reading .xls(x) files. I've tested it with your file, and it can read all the data perfectly. The problem is that the internal representation of the data are not the same as the formatted values you see in Excel—or what you'll want in your CSV file—so you need to write your own code to format the data for CSV output, such as using the correct date format. You can probably piece together any formatting code from ISYN.
  7. Which was? I really wish Apple hadn't botched the JXA API so horribly…
  8. Sure, if you're using multiple apps that are designed to do the same thing. But I don't think that applies to apps designed for different (kinds of) tasks because their entire point is to make certain classes of tasks a lot easier than building the whole thing from AppleScripts, Launch Agents and the other bits and pieces macOS gives you. I don't do a whole lot with KM, but the things I do use it for would be a huge PITA to do without it. Hazel much less so, but it's worth it just so I don't have an extra 40 Launch Agents to manage.
  9. Yeah, but you're one of about three people on the forum who actually seems to like using AppleScript. Edit info.plist. This can be done using almost any language.
  10. What do you mean "inside Alfred"? If your code is being run by Alfred?
  11. Alfred does not allow you to use its preview pane. The closest features are Large Type, which allow you to display text in an overlay, or Quicklook (⌘Y or long-press ⇧), which brings up a Quicklook window for the specified file or URL, such as an HTML file.
  12. Which is why @Martin Packer is suggesting you script Excel to do it…
  13. Kopf hoch! Ständiges Versagen ist auch eine Form der Zuverlässigkeit
  14. Yup, that's right. The input doesn't matter, though, as the script gets the files directly from Finder. Thanks very much for the beer money! I'll get a couple of bottles to enjoy while France destroys Germany tonight
  15. tell application "Finder" to set selList to selection as alias list if selList is not equal to {} then tell application "Alfred 3" to action selList tell application "System Events" keystroke "Move to" key code 36 -- Return end tell end if