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  1. Thanks for this. I just installed it, and it's working great!
  2. So looking at the changelog, I learned that you can search bookmarks by hostname. But in trying it, it seems to work when typing the beginning of the hostname. Can this be enhanced so I can type the middle of a hostname and still have it match? Or does anyone have a workflow that accomplishes the same thing? Thanks.
  3. I'm running Alfred 3.5.1 on macOS 10.12.6. The updated bookmarks search feature is great, but it doesn't search by URL. Honestly I'm not sure if the previous incarnation did either. I'm currently using a workflow I found on another thread (thanks @deanishe) that searches URLs, but it relies on Spotlight bookmark metadata that is no longer available in High Sierra. I really like the ability to search Safari bookmarks by URL, so much so that I'm hesitating upgrading to HS. Is there any way to get this functionality back? The URL is listed when I search by bookmark title, so I as
  4. I think one big problem (and it's the reason Alfred added the direct bookmark search feature) is that starting with macOS High Sierra, Safari bookmark metadata is no longer indexed. So I would like to request Alfred to add the ability to index Safari bookmark URLs as well as titles. -Eric
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