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  1. Figured it out from the following post. I needed to clear the argument box in the Args and Vars utility between my two list filters so it wouldn't try to pass the arg to the next step in the chain.
  2. Hello all, thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. In general I'm wanting to setup a workflow to mount and unmount a site using sshfs. Attached is a screenshot of the workflow I'm working on. What I want to do is to choose first whether to mount or unmount the site. Then choose what site to mount or unmount. I'm getting to the mount/unmount list filter, and choosing my option which works. After that however it's not continuing down the workflow flow to get to the list filter where I choose the site. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, updating my OS resolved the issue!
  4. What you were doing when the issue happened: CMD+Space to launch alfred Enter a space Type any other character Alfred briefly show "Waiting for results" before crashing. Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Yes, reproducible using the steps above after restarting alfred and restarting computer. Include the Alfred version & build number you are using v3.6 [903] Include your OS X version 10.13.1
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