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  1. Update: After using the solution described below, I realized there's an option in Advanced preference section, "Selection Hotkeys", that can be set to "Restore previous clipboard item"; this is the simpler way to solve the issue. @dfay Didn't get a chance to look further into this until now, but your solution does work, thank you so much. The issue with my original workflow setup seems to be that the Hotkey object type with Argument set to "Selection in macOS" will cause that selection to be copied to the clipboard. I've also been able to adapt the script as follows to use Hotkey (Argument set to None) to trigger script to get selection and then Browse in Alfred. Thanks again! on alfred_script(q) tell application "Finder" set sel to selection if sel is not {} then set filepath to POSIX path of (item 1 of sel as text) end if end tell end alfred_script
  2. @Vero Thanks, I've added my Powerpack email to my profile. @dfay It's a 2-step workflow using the Hotkey trigger and the Open File action. I've uploaded screenshots with the settings. Note that I'm using Alfred v2.9
  3. I've set up a workflow that simply opens the selected file in Finder in my text editor. When I invoke the action, the selected file's name is copied to the clipboard. This is frustrating, since a common use-case is that I copy text from somewhere else, open a file with the workflow, and paste the text. Is there a way to disable copying the filename when the action is invoked? Thanks!
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